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Exotic Palate

Exotic Palate

Exotic Palate features diverse food-related markets.

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Exotic Palate features diverse food-related markets.
Exotic Palate features diverse food-related markets such as slaughter-on-demand meat sellers, ethnic African, Asian and other food and foodstuff vendors, neighbourhood spaza shops, conventional supermarkets, pharmacies, and makers of quality home-cooked meals and pastries.

Originally planned as a platform where Africans in particular living abroad could search for cooked food or quality foodstuff from their home countries and expect to find and have such delivered to their door, Exotic Palate has expanded to include various other types of food-related essential items, from supermarket groceries and conventional fast food to medication; also non-alcoholic drinks, and non-food items sold in grocery stores such as body-care products, household cleaning products, and school supplies. 

The Exotic Palate app and online marketplace will have a healthy food section, a feature called _multi-location ordering_ which allows customers to request meals from two or more separate restaurants or stores in one order, a service which allows customers to hire caterers for private functions, and the ability for caterers to rent cooking and food display equipment. 

Additional features, such as one that allows customers to indicate if they have any allergies, include a request to modify a meal to their liking during its preparation, and allows customers to have access to basic diet and exercise advice on the platform, will be introduced to Exotic Palate in an update within six (6) months (this could take longer than 6 months now) of opening for business. It is also during that time or in a subsequent update that the ability for customers to hire personal caterers will be added.
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