Multi-currency custodial crypto wallet with zero fees.

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Multi-currency custodial crypto wallet with zero fees.
Third Beta release of GoodX Finance Network app!

Despite careful testing of the application within our GoodX team, it's still a Beta Version, and it may have some bugs. We are kindly asking everybody to support us with bug reports. We promise to reply to each report within 72 hours and fix the bugs as soon as possible. We will appreciate any valuable advice and comments from you, because this is the only way to make the application useful for you.

Please do not post negative reviews before contacting us first, we need your support!

We warmly welcome your comments at or email: [email protected]

New Features in Beta 1.2
We are proud to introduce European IBAN accounts to our customers all you have to do is to make few pictures with a phone camera and pass the KYC/AML procedure
- IBAN account in European bank within 5 minutes.
- Free of charge SEPA Payments
- SWIFT/International payments
- Buy & Sell all of the supported currencies within the app with the best available rate.
- Order Master Credit Card with a doorstep delivery.

Other functionalities are as follows:
Stellar private wallet support:
- Create new /Adding existing wallet
- Sending / Receiving funds
- Merging accounts
- QR code generation
- Your keys are privately stored and encrypted on your device.
- Stellar based assets. At the moment only GoodX token (XFN) is supported. New tokens will be added by the request of the token issuer, after passing the KYC with GoodX.

PIN1 and PIN2 code protection
2FA - Two Factor Authentication for enhanced security - with configurable options and synchronization between devices.

Custodial wallets (instant accounts) with enhanced security for: Bitcoin, Stellar, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, XFN (GoodX Token)

Send/Receive any supported crypto-currency to any crypto-wallet in the world with an automated conversion if it’s required. There are no additional fees.

Instantly exchange between all supported crypto-currencies with competitive rates.

Manage your account from any device with automatic synchronisation.

Send any cryptocurrency to any user with just their phone number.

Customized rates graph for all supported pairs.

Custom wallet names for readability improvements.

Bug fixes, Stability improvements, Face lifting

More features will come very soon. Follow us on twitter for updates @GoodX_Network
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Sat, Mar 23, 2019
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5 years ago
- Zendesk Support
- Pushes for stellar transactions
- Switch accounts animation
- Facelifting for "Add Account" screen
- Bug fixing

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