Dutch Listening & Speaking

Dutch Listening & Speaking

Learn Dutch Listening & Speaking by conversations with native Dutch speakers

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Learn Dutch Listening & Speaking by conversations with native Dutch speakers
"Learn Dutch - Conversation Practice" (learning by talking Dutch app) is the best Dutch learning app that helps you can speak Dutch confidently and fluently.

"Learn Dutch - Conversation Practice" is the best application that provides so many familiar phrases, such as huge collections (+9999 sentences/phrases) of Dutch conversations with various categories and relevant topics.

You do not need to try hard to become a native Dutch speaker. There's an easy way to get it done: first, listen and repeat; second, take a recording of your speech to compare them with the app's speakers, then repeat the above steps over and over again. Remember to keep tracking your learning progress with the app's supported tools. You will see the differences after even a couple of days.
This solution gives you an effective method to correct yourself quickly. Practice day by day with appropriate learning plans will help to improve your Dutch skills silently. Language has no Boundaries!.


+ Listen to conversations: play the entire conversation one-by-one subject with both male and female voice. Replay for listening as much as you want.
+ Speaking and recording: listen and repeat after native Dutch speakers, then start recording and replay your speech later.
+ Practice and training: there's several mini-game to take that help you to remember what you've learned. Just for funs.

The App “Learn Dutch - Conversation Practice" is designed for:

- False-beginners and who want to improve Dutch communication.
- Those who self-study Dutch at home.
- Learners who want to practice for Dutch certificate tests.
- Those who love communicating in Dutch and practicing Dutch by shadowing method.
- Those who like to challenge your level.

And of course, no matter how much we have, it is not equal to the actual experience. “Learn Dutch - Conversation Practice" app is completely free, you can download and experience right now. We are solely responsible if you are addicted to vocabulary learning from this app

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easy to learn

Hasty IddSat, Apr 13, 2024

Ik houdt da lezen

Lady HeartSat, Mar 9, 2024

Wow, wat een leuke app.

Jalil Ahmad Sakhi ZadahFri, Mar 1, 2024

What I like most about this app is you can store lessons to use when you are offline.

Jennifer Russell (Shanie)Tue, Feb 20, 2024

I like how there's realistic conversation in the lessons. I do think there's too many speaking exercises and not enough typing of the words. Other than that, I like using the app to continue learning Dutch!

Alena DrosteWed, Feb 14, 2024

I love the quantity of topics there is to learn about. However, there are some issues: 1) when they have to say the time, sometimes it sounds correct, but when I have to say the same it forces me to say it wrong in order to move on to the next phrase -> een uur s'middags=dertien uur (13.00). Same goes with names. 2) the vocabulary contains irrelevant words that don't really help -> I learn how to greet a friend and in my vocabulary they teach me "english horn". 3) character pics are wrong.

NefeliSat, Jan 27, 2024

Het is een mooie applicatie

Abdulhadi MraishMon, Jan 22, 2024
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Sun, Apr 25, 2021
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Wed, Mar 27, 2024
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What's New
3 weeks ago
- Video learning works smoothly with the default Drill mode.
- The app now supports 133 native languages.
- A new phonetic, romanization, transliteration into Latin feature enhances user learning, while videos and lessons are permanently free.
- The update also includes improved step-by-step learning, word meaning lookup, and bug fixes, as well as the ability to learn with friends and share progress.
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