Mobile Facilities by RealPage

Mobile Facilities by RealPage

OneSite Mobile Facilities by RealPage makes property management simple and easy.

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OneSite Mobile Facilities by RealPage makes property management simple and easy.
Designed by RealPage, a leading provider of rental housing software, OneSite Facilities is used at more than 23,000 sites and by over 30,000 maintenance technicians. If you are a property manager or a maintenance technician who wants to save time and money, while increasing tenant satisfaction, then this app is perfect for you.

- Use the Mobile app and save time on manually creating inspection reports and boring data entry
- Access data about the units on the go, and avoid having to make multiple trips to the office
- Increase tenant satisfaction by addressing service requests 3X faster
- Save money on data plans with optional Wi-Fi only syncing
- Seamless extension of OneSite

Ideal for Multi-Family, Student, Affordable, Senior and Military housing

With this property management app you can:
- Create and complete Inspections on the go
- Conduct Move in and Move out, and preventative maintenance inspections
- Take and attach photos to inspections
- Create and address Service Requests
- Manage a Make Ready board
- Manage Turn Caddies

You will need a OneSite account to use this app. If you do not have an existing account, contact us on our website to have your account setup.
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I open the app and it constantly crashes so my work isn't complete

Lorenzo DansbyThu, Jan 19, 2023

I tried to login and it never worked. Yardi sucks too.

Justin GuyorTue, Jan 3, 2023

Cannot update to a newer version on my android phone??? Have 2018...need 2022 for work.

Kathleen MorrowFri, Dec 2, 2022

App keeps crashing. Every time when using it kicks me out, won't let me into the ticket and or just takes alot of time to load and get to ticket. Today I've Uninstaller and reinstalled the app 8 times and I'm not exaggerating.

Gary ArnoldThu, Dec 1, 2022

I used this app before and it was working fine but I uninstalled it for 3 months because I didn't need it . I reinstalled this app again because I need it now BUT THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH THIS APP NOW IS I DON'T GET NOTIFICATIONS ALERTS SO I DON'T KNOW I GET WORK ORDERS I HAVE TO KEEP CHECKING THE APP EVERY 5 MINUTES TO SEE IF I RECEIVE A WORK ORDER THIS SUCKS NOW . I NEED SOUND ALERTS FIX PLEASE

702 SIN CITYMon, Nov 28, 2022

Constantly having to unistall and reinstall to get it to work properly and notification of new orders would be great

Robert MankinsFri, Nov 25, 2022

This app is horrible. The concept is great but freezes constantly. It is extremely bad with inspections. It turns a 30 minute job into a couple hours because it is always freezing. If I could get my company to switch apps it would save a lot of time every day. I have tried it on iPhone and android both on 5g and wifi. Same results no matter what I do.

jamie gressMon, Nov 21, 2022
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Mon, Nov 3, 2014
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Thu, Jan 26, 2023
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1 week ago

Simplified on-hold status change process
New app version notifications upon login
Bug Fixes

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