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Internet of Things, Meet…The Security of Things

Take Control of Your Smart ADT Security Virtually Anywhere

We live in an age when we expect great technology – think of the Internet of Things – to make our lives easier and better. The ADT Control app builds on that notion to create a smarter security and automation system. Let’s call it The Security of Things. 

ADT Control offers a seamless transition from at-home or at-work, to mobile smart security and automation. It extends the functionality of your ADT Command smart home or business security system, and puts it in the palm of your hand – virtually anywhere you go around the world. It goes beyond protecting what matters most to you, and delivers really smart security for your home or business.

How the ADT Control app puts you in command of your smart security and automation:

•	Arm or disarm your home or business security from virtually anywhere.
•	Control your lights so your home or business always looks occupied. 
•	Lock or unlock your doors remotely to let in contractors, visitors or the dog walker.
•	Receive alerts when your system status changes or a door is unlocked, such as when your kids arrive home or your manager gets to work. Then view live video to check in on them.
•	Adjust your smart thermostat to make everyone comfortable and even potentially lower your energy expenses.

Create Scenes and Schedules to bring it all together! 
Using the ADT Control app, you can create scenes and schedules that give you the ultimate one-touch control of your smart home or business security and automation: 
•	Set up automations for leaving or arriving to your home or business.
•	Create a vacation Scene that turns on different lights at different times, turns the TV or radio on and off, and generally makes it look like you’re home when you’re away.
•	Adjust your system for different times of day so your security, lighting, temperature and other smart features are at the perfect settings, at the right time.



M. Wells 2021-03-21 18:35
App keeps crasheing when I try to view more than one camera live.
Catherine Jasin 2021-03-14 13:32
3/13/21: 4th alarm panel I've had installed. Last event logged was 2/5, I contacted per advice, mgr said he was looking into this. My app is sending less than 1/3 of notifications as the panel when it did work! I have called And emailed. He is just ignoring me. DO NOT BUY THIS BROKEN SERVICE! ADT takes your $$ for garbage that does not work, At ALL! *SEE ALL EDITS!
FamilyThatPrays 2021-03-12 23:44
Long Time Customer (Listen To Us). ADT you had a good thing going with the Pulse Service but this Control ain't working. Pulse was hands down the best with a personalized layout of your house, grid view of cameras, not having to pay for different features, it just worked. With all the security competition your only making it easier for customers to walk away from ADT. Why is there no grid view for video cameras!!!!. Why doesn't the new 7in touchscreen panel have camera access. Do not use ADT!!!!
Jane Lehto 2021-03-12 04:51
Why can't I set automation from my app? Auto lock, unlock? Why can't I change auto arm/disarm from app. You can do that with Vivint. This is a terrible app. You should be asha med. I would rate this app negative if I could.
Afram Kirmiz 2021-03-11 18:59
Just wanted to renew this review. Please stop re-enabling 2-factor authentication. We use adt control across multiple users and devices, and having to set 2FA to a single phone number or email address is very inconvenient because not all users have access to the phone number or email address. This is pretty poor 2fa implementation. This has been going on for many many weeks and it sucks. ... Edit--your response is worthless, we've contacted support, they noted our issue and never followed up.
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Bundle ID
Release Date
Jan 24, 2019
Update Date
Sep 16, 2021
Min. OS Version
6.0 and up
What's New
1 week ago
• Shortcuts for Doorbell - Set up a Shortcut via the App Settings menu to start a doorbell call from the app launcher icon.
• Override Do Not Disturb - From the Notifications screen on compatible devices, enable the Override Do Not Disturb setting in order to receive alarm and other critical alerts even when the phone is silenced.
• Manage Devices: Rename or remove a device via the “Manage Devices” option in the left-hand menu.
• Performance enhancements and bug fixes

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