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Raise your indoor cycling game with the Rizer gradient simulator with steering.

The latest addition to the Elite indoor cycling ecosystem will raise and lower your bike to give you real-time inclines and declines as you blast those climbs with your trainer.

For more focused and realistic rides, the Elite gradient simulator features the innovative steering system which is designed to improve the handlebars’ feel when you’re going uphill, and help you work every muscle as you would do if you were riding outdoors.

Download the control app Rizer to make it easy and simple to configure your gradient simulator. You can customize your rides and workouts in a few simple steps with a series of functions designed to offer the most advanced and immersive riding experience.

- Manually change grades of inclines and declines when you’re riding.
- Display and edit the trainer difficulty level set on the software.
- Set a maximum ascent gradient and a minimum decline gradient.
- Manage up to 5 different profiles for each user, bike and home trainer.


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Release Date
Aug 5, 2021
Update Date
Nov 25, 2021
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8.0 and up
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1 week ago
Simplified device configuration

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