Space Merchant: Empire of Stars

Space Merchant: Empire of Stars

by Retora Games LLC
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From the makers of Merchant, an exciting new saga.

Amilios Update:
New to Space Merchant, the ability to hire crew members for each of your spaceships! The crew add valuable skills to your ships and gain experience as they chart the stars. 
The crew are all procedurally generated, so there are thousands of possible crew in each playthrough!

Explore the depths of space... for profit! 
Send your ships out on quests, deal with random adventure events, research the tech tree, make new weapons, armor, and service items for your ships. 
Find strange aliens, learn their language, and take on their quests for the advancement of your enterprise.

The classic Merchant meets a new twist with Space Merchant. Enjoy all your favorite features and game-play mechanics of Merchant in a new setting with enhanced graphics, mechanics, and even more customization! Engross yourself with terrifying and beautiful new worlds and storylines

Help us steer the direction of the game! Do you want more storylines? The ability to set up outposts? How about crew, want to hire them? Tell us what you'd like to see next!


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Oct 14, 2021
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1 week ago
RELEASE NOTES - Oct 13 2021 (0.114)

Added notifications for Steam version (window border will change its name when you complete something)
Added purchases for Steam version
Added test notifications for mobile (you can turn it off via options menu)
Updated API for ads on mobile

Fixed minor UI issues

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