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Knots is a fast paced 3D puzzle with an infinite combinations of levels. Untangle the knot on your own, play head-to-head, or try to beat the top score online against your friends and around the world. 

Complete each puzzle by jumping to node to node. The connecting line changes colour depending on how many time you cross it. You can cross the purple line 4x, blue 3x, yellow 2x and red once! Your goal is to turn all the line white to untangle the Knot! Can you untangle the Knots?


App Detail
Bundle ID
Release Date
Jul 11, 2014
Update Date
Mar 9, 2021
Min. OS Version
4.4 and up
What's New
8 months ago
Its the update that no one asked for!
- 64-bit compatible
- removed obsolete functions

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