French word of the day - Daily French Vocabulary

French word of the day - Daily French Vocabulary

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Bonjour Apprenant

Looking for the best way to passively learn French words? Our new French to English daily french word app is here to help improve your French vocabulary. Boost your French to English comprehension by adding to your French vocabulary and improving your French pronunciation (French accent included 😉). Serving as both an essential French dictionary 📖 but also an English to French translator 🗣, our goal is to help you translate English to French effortlessly. No need to pay for French lessons as you can start learning French words with one word a day by using this simple French dictionary app. 

Passive French Vocabulary Learning 🎓

One French word a day, it’s that simple! Grab a coffee, take a bite to eat, whatever you like, you’ll only need a minute and you’ll be learning essential French. 

Improve French Vocabulary 📖

Want to learn the most important french words? We’ve done the research so our French dictionary app contains over 2000 of the of the most frequently used french words. This French vocabulary makes up roughly 90% of all French conversation!

Improve French speaking and pronunciation 🗣

Each word can be played aloud so you can develop you French listening skills alongside developing that French accent you always wanted 😉

English to French word translator ⚡

Use the English to French switch to read the word, definitions and synonyms in the French language itself to get a real idea of context. This app lets you establish link between English and French words so you never have to ask anyone about the meaning of any word. You can even add important words in your favourites section and review them later!


⭐ Learn the most frequently used French words and their English meanings
⭐ Boost your French vocabulary by saving favourite French words in the app
⭐ Daily new words sent to you for better learning
⭐ Tap on the play word icon to hear the pronunciation of words and learn to speak French fluently

Would you like to boost your understanding of the French language by learning the most common French word meanings in English? This French learning app is here to help you in many ways. Download and use the app to better your French fluency today!



Janguaujing Xhingchunk 2021-01-26 04:31
Can not hear sound
Elizabeth Clark 2020-12-14 02:55
I have a samsung a20 and it wont let me listen to the word. The app states i dont have google text. I know my phone has this function. Any ideas how i can fix this? I enabled text to speech in settings Your advice was wonderful thank you. It fixed the problem and the app works to its full potential. I appreciate your time to explain the steps
Callisto Gemma 2020-07-16 13:59
On top. I have never tried the application that surprised me like this one. It is designed for people who has no much time for learning. Many thanks to the developer
Verlene Farrill 2020-07-13 15:29
So amazing. Amazing, perfect very useful, and free French word app!! Hope all the world get it, it makes everything easier. Thanks for creating this application
Roxana Lantaff 2020-07-12 10:30
Great. Excellent app. Its being very helpful towards my reaching my goal to learn French words fluency. Thanks for this useful app
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