Demolish Fake Island

Demolish Fake Island

by Unico Studio
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Demolish Fake Island is a building demolition game, based on real physics and gravity. You have to set the bombs to the available slots on the structures. Buildings, skyscrapers, lighthouses, power plants, industrial structures, wrecked buildings are just some different types of structures. World famous landmarks are also available to play. But they are not the real landmarks but the fake of original ones.

As a result of successful demolitions; you get contract offers from world cities' mayors. Every new 10 star brings a new contract to demolish 'a fake landmark' in Fake Island. If you do not want to wait to get enough stars to play the landmarks, you can unlock them with diamond and play instantly.


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Release Date
Oct 13, 2021
Update Date
Oct 13, 2021
Min. OS Version
5.0 and up
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1 week ago
Set the bombs, demolish the most famous buildings, skyscrapers, towers, castles.

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