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Bi-Tapp™ (bilateral tapping) accesses our natural ability to calm our nervous system down and is one of the easiest ways to assist us in returning to our optimal level of functioning in a short amount of time. Bi-Tapp can be used anywhere, anytime. Bi-Tapp incorporates an understanding of how our brain works in moments of heightened stress and anxiety.  

As a result of Bi-Tapp™ you can experience an increase in:
 + Productivity
 + Performance
 + Concentration
 + Sleep
 + Emotional Resiliency

As a result of Bi-Tapp™, you can experience a decrease in:
 - Anxiety
 - Depression
 - Chronic Pain
 - Stress Patterns
 - Emotional Reactivity

Bi-Tapp can be used as a stand alone product, or can be combined with other relaxing techniques such as, focused breathing techniques or listening to calming music. Bi-Tapp can be used throughout the day to help regulate stress and anxiety or used, as needed.

This App contains an information tab to provide additional information on how to use this product. Note: Bi-Tapp is not meant to replace mental health therapy or medical treatment. With Bi-Tapp you can literally, tap your way to a better you™.

BI-TAPP UNITS REQUIRED: Bi-Tapp requires the purchase of Bi-Tapp units which connect to your mobile device. You can use the app to adjust the rate of speed, the intensity level and the length of time you want to use this product. This product creates a bilateral tapping sensation in an alternating, rhythmic pattern.



HonK1978 2021-05-25 17:31
Really like it and wish one thing was available
I wish there was a way to select on without a timer or an infinity option where they would stay on until I turn them off. I do a lot of work with continuous BLS and they will go off before I am ready for them to.
7;,?$87;; 2021-03-21 22:19
I didn’t realize you had to have tappers of your own I thought this worked on ordinary earphones. My clients can’t afford to go out and buy extra equipment and I’m doing telehealth at the moment and looking for tappers that they can use with their earphones or buds.
Cdb10601 2020-12-13 22:20
Needs more features - please add
This app works fine, but with a few easy tweaks it would be great. 1. Add a counter to the numbers of taps. 2. Add option for a preset number of taps then it stops. 3. Add custom timer instead of preset times. These seem like pretty easy programming changes that would make this much better for therapists to use.
Mftjake 2020-10-12 23:44
Formal Therapy use
I am a therapist, and this app has been helpful in connecting my clients with increased relaxation and processing. It would be helpful to add the features of a counter, and a more specific and changeable timer instead of the preset options, which would help with how long the tapping session has gone and comparing with previous lengths of tapping sessions.
MuzicLuvr13 2020-02-05 22:08
Can’t sync fully since Apple pushed its latest IOS for iPhone
I cannot get tappers to fully sync with my iPhone any longer since the latest installation of iOS. Any suggestions? Does the device app need a patch or update or can I do anything? I’ve rebooted device and tappers several times and spent a lot of time trying to get this to sync today. When I clicked the Contact support link here, it takes me to an error/404 page.
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Jun 10, 2021
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Updated the default provider connected time to 120 minutes.
Make sure the provider setup code is 5 digits.
Jun 10, 2021
Jun 6, 2021
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Oct 31, 2017

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