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Yasa Pets Vacation

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Time to go on a trip!! Pack a case and head to the airport! Go through security and board the plane after shopping in duty free!! Jump in the swimming pool … Holiday time is here !!

Yasa Pets Vacation is totally FREE to download !! 

Features include:

* Find a case and pack it for the trip !!
* Jump in the taxi and head for the airport !!
* Choose a destination and buy tickets for everyone !! 
* Weigh the cases and make sure they are not too heavy !
* Buy more luggage and stock up on medicines and face masks !!
* Watch the planes land and enjoy a coffee while waiting for the flight !
* After check-in go through security and passport control !
* There are lots of things to buy in the Duty Free shops !!
* Board the plane and take your seat !
* Arrive at the holiday villa and relax in the sunshine !!
* Play in pool then have a cooling ice-cream !
* Come home happy and ready to plan a new trip !!

**** Remember to connect to the internet to collect the stars ****

HOME : Get ready for an exciting trip by packing new holiday outfits and favourite items! Find more cases in the garage to pack extra stuff. Make sure the kids and the babies are ready to go, then jump in the taxi and head to the airport. 

AIRPORT ARRIVALS : Make sure that everyone has their ticket and passport ready! Weigh the cases and bags to make sure that they are not to heavy! Drop off the luggage and check-in for the flight !! 

AIRPORT SECURITY :Check hand luggage for sharp items and liquids, then put them through the scanner ! Go through the metal detector and join the line for passport control !

AIRPORT SHOPPING : One of the best things about airports is all the shopping choices that you can find. Duty Free is full of plush toys, tasty candy and fashionable outfits!! Pick up some medicine or a face mask in the pharmacy and don’t forget the extra cases at the luggage shop !

AIRPORT DINING : Sometimes passengers have to wait for long times between flights … luckily there are lots of places to grab a tasty snack! You can find coffee shops with comfy sofas and great views of the planes before and after security !! Or have some delicious sushi with other passengers before getting on the plane!

PLANE : Show your ticket and passport to the security officer at the gate!! Once on board, find your seat and put your hand luggage in the overhead compartment. The pilot might come by to say hello before we take off !!

HOLIDAY VILLA : The sun is shining at the beautiful villa overlooking the sea. Put on a swimming costume and jump in the pool !! Celebrate the summer at an ice-cream party with family and friends under the sun !!


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mooooooooooooooojuhvrvb 2021-10-21 15:22
I love it
I started out by getting the hospital game and I loved it. So when I saw this one I knew I just had to get it.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rarejemstone 2021-10-10 17:06
I love this game but……
I feel like you should make all the games connect just an idea tho
gogoyasapetsya 2021-09-06 21:14
1. Hi! I am going to be taking about the characters in the game. You will see dogs bunnies cats and babies in mommies belly!🤰. 2. Next when you pick up a suitcase you will see a 🔄 button. 3. I NEED MORE YASA PETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4. I decide yasa pets has to be a show!!!
Bkt1022 2021-08-23 20:05
So and so
I love all these games but it would be better if you put them all in one app if you do pls don’t make it where I have to pay cus if you do imma rate this a 0/5 so Do it please
i love tom freinds 2021-08-18 11:08
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