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Yasa Pets Hospital

by Yasa Ltd.
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In the hospital new moms give birth to baby bunnys and baby kittens! Visitors bring gift baskets and flowers to their loved ones. Sick patients arrive in the ambulance and have X-Rays and take medicine.

Yasa Pets Hospital is totally FREE with NO in app purchases !! 

Features include:

* Explore a fully functioning hospital full of doctors and nurses!
* Take a number and wait for your appointment in the waiting room!
* Register at the reception when you arrive at the hospital!
* Be there when baby bunnys and kittens are born!
* Treat patients who arrive in the ambulance!
* Run tests in the laboratory to diagnose illnesses!
* Make bunnys and kittens sick by giving them the green bottles to drink!
* Visit the Pharmacy to get the correct medications!
* Perform x-rays on patients and put them in casts!
* Give pregnant bunnys and kittys ultrasound exams!
* Buy presents and flowers in the gift shop!
* Have dinner in the restaurant with staff and visitors!
* Unlock the NEW BABY PARTY by collecting STARS !!!!
* Exchange gifts and have afternoon tea at the garden party!
* Introduce the baby kittens and bunnys to their new home and put them to bed.

**** Remember to connect to the internet to collect the stars ****

RECEPTION : Patients must check in at the reception and then wait for their number to be called before they are given a checkup in the doctor’s office. Some patients then go upstairs to private rooms on the different wards where they are looked after and given tasty meals!

TOP FLOOR : This is where baby bunnys and baby kittens are born! It’s so important for pregnant mamas to get regular check ups! An ultrasound exam is a great way to make sure that everyone is healthy!  Friends and family can visit and see the newborn babies sleeping in the nursery!!

SECOND FLOOR : This is the section of the hospital where patients recover from falls and broken bones. The X-Ray machine can let the doctors know how bad an injury is and the cast machine provides the bandages needed to get better! 

EMERGENCY ROOM: Patients who are brought to the hospital in the ambulance need urgent care in the emergency room. Doctors and nurses are always ready for these high priority patients and often give surgery.

MEDICAL LAB : When patients are sick the scientists in the laboratory test samples to find out what is wrong with them. They can also make special medicines which are available in the pharmacy for patients who need them.

PHARMACY : The hospital pharmacy has all the medicines needed to cure any patient who is not well. But be careful … the green bottles might make the bunnys and kittens sick all over again !!

VISITORS RESTAURANT : Friends and family of patients need something nice to eat after a long visit with their loved ones …  luckily there is a restaurant serving warm tasty meals! Visitors can choose between pizza, roast chicken or fish with lots of healthy vegetables and delicious cup cakes for desert!

GIFT SHOP : Everyone likes to get presents - especially when they’re not feeling well! The hospital gift shop is filled with toys, gift baskets and beautiful bouquets of flowers. Don’t forget to include a get well card!

HOSPITAL STAFF AREA : Tired doctors and nurses have a rest area where they can relax and have snacks after a busy day helping patients.

HOME : The new parents celebrate the birth of their adorable babies with a garden party for all of their family and friends. Everyone brings presents and enjoys tea and cakes in the garden before it is time to wash the new babies and put them to sleep in their cribs!


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life of games to death 2021-10-13 22:19
Love this game
This game teaches my kid how to be a doctor
..alyssaa_ 2021-10-05 19:51
I I love all your games but I have two ideas of what you should do to make new games, so for my first idea I think you guys should make a police station. I think that would be really cool and fun, and for the second game I think you guys should make a Yasa Pets Mall world we’re all the games are included together! that would be a really cool idea no I know this might take a while so no rush I love your games and they’re very awesome keep up the good work! 💕💕💕
harper0208 2021-09-25 02:03
Great game but one problem
Great game me and my friend play it a lot but one thing always happens when ever we leave the game to do some thing when we come back every thing is reseted .sry if any thing spelled wrong
jhovcgnjkhv 2021-09-14 23:23
Great game but every time I leave it resets
gogoyasapetsya 2021-08-28 16:56
Awesome! But I have a problem.
I ♥️ this app! But I have a problem. I HAVE TO WATCH A ADD! So do 2 things. Delete the ads and respond to me. Thanks for reading this review!
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