Yasa Pets Halloween

Yasa Pets Halloween

by Yasa Ltd.
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It’s Halloween … Explore a fully interactive haunted house!! Find the perfect costume in the fancy dress shop!! Go Trick-Or-Treating for candy!!

Yasa Pets Halloween is totally FREE to play !!

Features include:

* Explore a haunted house full of spooky fun!
* Collect over 100 halloween costumes to wear!
* Lots of cute bunnies and adorable kitties to play with!
* Enjoy a halloween feast in the creepy dining hall!
* Find and unlock all the treats in the store room and the kitchen!
* Play hide and seek in the dusty coffins!
* Visit a fortune teller and learn about the future! 
* Mix spells in the witches cauldron with spooky ingredients!
* Drink magic potions to transform the bunnies and kittens!
* Activate the laser beam in the Mad Science laboratory!
* Unlock the SPOOKY TOWN by collecting STARS !!!!
* Try on lots of costumes at the fancy dress Costume Shop!
* Then go TRICK-OR-TREATING for candy with friends!
* Watch a magic show at the halloween party!
* Have a sleepover with friends at the scary Haunted House!

**** Collect 6 stars to go to the SPOOKY TOWN ****
**** Remember to connect to the internet to collect the stars ****

FANCY DRESS SHOP : Try on all the costumes at the fancy dress shop before going trick or treating !! Who will be the mermaid? Or the pumpkin? Or the scary witch? You decide, but remember, the best costume gets the most candy !!

TRICK-OR-TREATING : Have fun going from house to house ringing doorbells and shouting ‘Trick or Treat!’ … there’s lots of candy just waiting to be collected from friendly neighbors!

HALLOWEEN PARTY : Go to a moonlit halloween costume party! Enjoy pizza and candy while watching the Magic Show! Try ‘Bobbing For Apples’!! Who will win the prize for best costume?

MAD SCIENTIST LABORATORY : Make sure to put on a protective costume before going into the laboratory of a mad scientist! Activate the magic laser beam! See the strange effect it has on kitties and bunnies! Don’t forget to have a safety shower before leaving the spooky lab!

WITCHES LAIR : Try out loads of different witch outfits!! Add strange ingredients to the witches cauldron to make magic potions! What effect will they have on the bunnies and the kitties playing in the haunted house? Don’t worry, they’re perfectly safe! Try the potions and find out. 

FORTUNE TELLER: Visit a fortune teller and learn about the future! Don’t forget to feed the owls by the cauldron.

CREEPY KITCHEN: Make dinner in an old fashioned kitchen with the help of the Cook. Discover a big pantry full of fruits and candy that can be served for dessert by the Butler. 

HAUNTED DINNING ROOM: Enjoy a hearty dinner served at the table by the grandfathers clock. It’s one of the kitties favourite: fish with mash potatoes!!

MYSTERIOUS LIBRARY: Pick a spell book to read and sit by the cosy fireplace! Have fun playing with grandparents next to a collection of old books and trophies !

SPOOKY BATHROOM: Have a hot soapy bath full of green bubbles and don’t forget to brush your teeth before bedtime.

HAUNTED HOUSE BEDROOMS: Try out loads of different costumes and accessories including lovely headbands, hats and glasses. After a busy day of playing dress up and eating candy, curl up in a warm bed!


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🐰&🐰&🐰&🐰 2021-09-23 21:36
I was playing and one of the bunnies kind of melted into the floor I could not find that bunny anywhere. After 15 minutes it reappeared. Just what.
Livingfreelyglutenfree 2021-09-20 23:25
Absolutely inappropriate ads for children!
The ads that pop up on here are absolutely inappropriate and this company needs to be reported. We selected under 15 and an ad that came up had animated people groping each other and making out. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS FOR YOUR KIDS!
Gavixu 2021-09-08 14:48
Too much ads!
Too much ads! you can't play for 2 minutes in a row because an ad appears 👎🏻
gogoyasapetsya 2021-08-23 16:36
Fix it
Hi so I have I have all of your games and in most yasa pets there’s dogs. But In this yasa pets there’s no dogs. So if you can get dogs that would be great. And other animals like zebras tigers lions and stuff
adhater97 2021-06-10 17:48
Fun fun
This game is fun but there are ads
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Oct 30, 2018
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Oct 30, 2018

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