Petty Lee & Friends: 3-In-1

Petty Lee & Friends: 3-In-1

by Webcore Games
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Recommended for children 2-6 years. Educational, safe and easy to play.

“Petty Lee & Friends: 3-In-1” has three different types of activities that will both entertain and develop the ability of children: 

Memory Game - trains photographic memory and attention span.
Coloring Book - with various colors of paint, stimulates imagination and creativity.
Puzzle - stimulates visual perception and spatial sense.

21 incredible designs with different themes!
Three modes of play: Memory Game, Coloring Book and Puzzle Game.
Domestic purchases with safety lock for children.

Downloading the app is completely free and comes with a first theme pack "Fun" unlocked to play in all activities (Memory Game, Coloring Book and Puzzle Game). The other packages are available for purchase if the child and parents want to increase the experience.

About Petty Lee & Friends
Created by Luiz Perez Lentini and Sandro Casarini, Petty Lee & Friends is a very entertaining group of characters formed by Petty Lee, Jimmy Blue, Fred and Biggie. Through friendship, they learn about life as they play, discover, cook, sing, and above all ... imagine!


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Jan 5, 2019
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Jan 5, 2019
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