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How can I cancel my subscription? Visit the app profile settings from the main dashboard. And click on plans & billing. When you view all the plans, you'll see the cancellation button end of the page. Click on Cancel to end your subscription. If you have troubles on cancelling it, please directly contact with our customer support.
How can I get a refund? You can directly contact with our customer support team for any refund activities. StoreSpy has 48 hours refund policy in case you forget to cancel your free trial or subscription before the billing. When you ask for the refund, our customer support team will provide you the payment in 48 hours....
How can I find my app's reviews? Through the dashboard, you'll have a right banner which includes all the features of StoreSpy. When you view it, you'll see reviews just below the App Intelligence section. Click on Reviews to see how much reviews you have and in which dates you got them. You also can see the reviews from App...
How can I improve my app's visibility? There are few ways to improve visibility and get ranked better in the search bar. We've gathered a few articles which might help you to increase your ranking and visibility. You can visit our article on: ASO Tactics and our guide on ASO to get informed and use StoreSpy's features for it.
How do I add keywords to my list? Currently, keywords list is not active but it will be in few weeks. So stay tuned to be informed by us. It's coming soon!
How can I add apps to watchlist? With watchlist, you can add the apps you have an eye on and check their updates regularly. In the main dashboard, you'll see there is the "Watchlist" button at the top right corner. When you click on it, you'll be able to find any app from the search bar. Just find the apps that you are interested...
What does StoreSpy do? StoreSpy is an app intelligence tool that provides market, ASO, app and ad statistics with high-accurate data to its users. It gives insights to grow businesses and make easier of app publishers life to promote their apps better.

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