App development is not just about the software. User experience and design are crucial parts of mobile apps since the user’s attention is getting harder to catch day by day. It’s the main way of understanding users’ needs and designing a smooth flow to make them have great experiences. There are millions of mobile apps in the AppStore and we can say that not all of them have a well-structured product design. It may be seen as a simple factor of app growth but actually, it has a major effect on it.

What is User Experience and User Interface?

User experience stands for understanding the needs, wants, behaviors of users to provide a valuable interface. The main goal of UX is to create user-friendly products that meet the needs. It’s all about presenting the best experience and enhancing the user journey.

User interface is the whole designing process of the product that should be created from the UX perspective. It’s bridging the digital and physical experience between potential customers. We can also say that User Interface is a concrete presence of User experience. User interface should be supported by data, analysis, and empathy.

Despite the fact that many people think UI and UX are the same things, it’s actually not. UI is directly designing what UX suggests to make the product more efficient, fast, and valuable. So both UI and UX should be in a product design to build meaningful products.

Why UI/UX is important?

Joel Spolsky says “Design adds value faster than it adds cost.”

As this simple quote explains, well-designed products bring a strong value that users are willing to get. There are several facts that why UI and UX are important. It’s not just helping to build amazing products but also to catch a major growth. Be a startup owner or a small business, you’ll face the importance of a good UI/UX for every product of yours.

Brings Higher Retention Rates

Retention rate is the analysis of how many users are visiting your app the next day. It measures the usage frequency of the mobile app. Retention is a very important factor for a user's Lifetime Value (LTV) that affects directly the revenue. High retention rates mean that users are happy with the experience. Retention also affects the search engines to have a better ranking.

Helps to Save Money & Time

It’s not always easy to detect a problem or bug in the app. It may require regular updates, integrating SDKs, or tools that will cost you lots of money. You can save your time with a good UI/UX and increase customer satisfaction. The product development is a long process but with a good user experience, you can make it shorter.

Makes You Understand Your Users

UI/UX starts at the beginning of the app creation process which helps you to build a product that your target audience will be happy to use. It’s important to convert users into customers and to make them loyal users of the app. Understanding the key pain points of users can make your app irreplaceable. Remember that, there is no limit to a perfect product. There will be always a better function or a better app.

Builds a Love brand

Creating brand awareness is challenging. With a strong brand, you can make people be ambassadors and talk about your product, give regular feedback and help you to improve your mobile app. Well-designed products help to increase the satisfaction of users and so the brand value. You’ll get the same value as you provide to your users. Make your users happy to use your product and so you can collaborate with them on building a good brand.

As we write in our previous blogs before like The Ultimate ASO Checklist for More App Downloads and ASO Tactics That will Help You to Boost Your App, retention, good rating & reviews, and fewer deletions are the key factors of organic growth. A good user experience makes users stay in the app longer time and also visit the app another day. As retention is crucial to converting revenue, it’s also important for ASO and ranking. Search algorithm cares about your retention rate, deletion numbers and the time users spend in the app. Increasing those numbers and app units are through a good UI/UX.

People leave a review and rating if they are really in love with the product. To create a love brand, answer their needs and wants in a stylish way. As much as they give you high ratings your ASO will get better. It will bring you a good ranking and increase the conversion rates. Sometimes paid marketing doesn’t provide you the perfect revenue. To convert your advertisements, build a strong funnel and make users like your app. If they tell their friends, that means you’ll get another channel of promoting your mobile app; word of mouth.