In our previous articles, we explained in detail the ASO methods to increase organic downloads of your app in general, specific for iOS and for Android. ASO is an efficient and free method to increase your organic downloads. However, app marketing that is the second step of mobile growth process consists of paid strategies. For this, StoreSpy’s Ad Intelligence product is a great partner for you! Let’s learn how to use it in the best manner.

Until now, you may be managing the app marketing strategy by chance and by approximation. Firstly, realize that it is uncontrollable and unsustainable. It is a wrong choice to follow a random advertising strategy only considering your budget. Use your budget in consideration of strategic analyses. Hence, maintain your app marketing strategy with sustainable and analytical methods. You can create an efficient app marketing strategy by using the StoreSpy Ad Intelligence product.

To Be Aware of the Competition

In app stores where you have millions of competitors, it is best to begin with competition analysis. In this way, you can analyze many different strategies with their outcomes. You can make periodically efficient plans in the rapidly changing market. For this, view the samples that you want to analyze by basic filtering. Get analyses pursuant to your needs by help of different filter layers. It is a highly preferred method to review your app’s corrivals and the best advertisers.

Thus, you can review general practices and customized contents for mobile growth. See the outcomes by filtering all the steps of your competitors and create the most accurate process for your app. Be careful that as a result of your analyses, close competitors practice similar ad content and strategies.

Which Mobile Ad Networks are Best for You?

The most used ad network may not be the best choice for your app. It is a very common mistake to publish an ad on the most used network. By the help of Ad Intelligence, you can view the ad networks used by the competitors that you follow. You are able to view the ad networks used by any of your competitors. When you analyze this for a few competitors, you will get useful data for your app marketing strategy. Ad network will be an essential resource for your choice.

Analyzing ad networks in detail leads to more ad strategies. For instance, it is an important analysis to analyze the efficiency of each ad network. Therefore, scrutinize the estimated impression share. Besides, you can view the total number of ads specific to networks and in general. By this way, you can create a strategy between target and number of ads.

Make Use of Ad Intelligence in a Versatile Way

You must have determined the best advertising targets and networks for your application. So can your ad analyses make your product and strategies more creative? If the answer is yes, it is published to get the users’ attention. What features your competitors bring forward is important for your product development process. Do not visit Ad Intelligence only when you place an ad, this place is a good resource for the potential features of your product. If you benchmark the same apps for a long time, you will see the similarities of the features of the apps, the ad strategies, and featured ones. Analyze the feature or the content that you think of for your app with Ad Intelligence. Use analytics to create similar content and differentiate with your competitors.

App Growth with App Intelligence

We have explained the use of Ad Intelligence for App Growth in general. These optimizations will notably vary by category and content of your app. In the future, we will create posts about the use of Ad Intelligence for different categories. Do not be afraid of competition. Remember that competitor analysis is an important resource in the product planning, development, and growth process. Generally, there is a bias that the competition term is relevant to the sales process of the product. On the contrary, competition is necessary in every step of product management.

Manage your budget with Ad Intelligence in the most efficient way. Do not waste time and money with irreversible expenses. Mobile app market is a market where you have millions of competitors and which is ever-growing. Therefore, moves that are not based on analyses are likely to fail. Make good use of the important insights coming directly from your customers and competitors.