With StoreSpy's data, you can learn in detail what you need to know about Poparazzi, which is the 1st in the list of the most downloaded apps in more than 50 countries, especially in the USA, in the Apple Store.

What is the Poparazzi?

The first thing you need to know about Poparazzi is that no selfies are allowed here! Because Poparazzi allows others to create their profiles, unlike other photosharing apps. Poparazzi allows you to create their profiles by taking photos of your friends instantly or uploading them from the past. Your profile also consists of photos that your friends have tagged you.

Poparazzi Challenges the Pressure to Be Perfect!

When Poparazzi had a very different use from the millions of apps in the Photo & Video category in the apple store, even from the social media apps we use frequently, they only highlighted this use. In a post published by Poparazzi on the launch day, they introduced the app with the title "The Anti Selfie Selfie Club" This app, in which you create someone else's profile as the paparazzi of your far away friends, challenges the perfect social media profile understanding.

Poparazzi, as a challenger, introduced the app with a simple and destructive campaign, like the slogan "Be Your Friend's Poparazzi". You can see this in the app description and screenhots we reviewed in Storespy. The feature of poparazzi that differs from photosharing apps is simply highlighted. In the Description, only Poparazzi's destructive feature and how to use it are explained in a simple way.

Description on StoreSpy

We can make a similar comment for Screenshots. The first 2 featured images underline that Poparazzi is a challanger for apps in its category with "Be Your Friend's Poparazzi". You will learn to use poparazzi easily in other screenshots.

Screenshots on StoreSpy

Poparazzi was recognized this week due to its phenomenal growth on Monday, May 24th. When we look at the version history in Storespy, you can see that it was published in the App Store with the 1.0 version on 17.02.2021.

History on StoreSpy

Although Poparazzi was published on 17.02.2021, it grew rapidly after its last update on 24.02.2021 as a result of the updates. With the last update, over 100,000 posts have been tagged so far.

Clubhouse's Invitation Model

Poparazzi also uses Clubhouse's iOS priority publishing and invitation-based model. It is worth remembering that Poparazzi is currently only available on the App Store. Also, you can make poparaziness by tagging your friends without opening an account in the application.


Poparazzi asks for a confirmation from you for camera, contacts and notification in the first step. Note that the app approves these three traces even if you select the option I disagree on its intro. But notice that in the next step, your iPhone again asks for permission to create your first post on Poparazzi. You can invite your friends to Poparazzi on-boarding, or you can create them directly from your tagged posts and send them a direct sms invitation.

The Success of Social Media Apps in the Pandemic

Social media applications came to the fore during the pandemic period in which the mobile application market is growing very rapidly. During this period, Poparazzi became very popular after Clubhouse and Dispo. It was developed by Poparazzi's TTYL team in California. TTYL team raised $ 2 million in last 3 years.

Apps in the photos & video category raised $ 86 million this year, according to Crunchbase.

If Poparazzi's content and philosophy excite you while the its wind is blowing all over the world, you can create an account and get the coolest username.