Apple releases the new version of iOS which will bring major changes. As Apple’s list includes a wide context, it shows that iOS15 will be a very large update. With this new update, the user experience will be better. Besides, Apple will also provide new functions that will be useful for developers and marketers to promote their products. So let's see what's new.

Product Page Optimization

Apple announced that product pages will be able to be customized for more efficiency and relevancy. That will surely make marketers conduct A/B testing in a much more effective way. With iOS15 developers will be able to reach the analysis for their testing materials like App Icon, Product Screenshots, or else. The testing period can run up to 90 days to determine the best version of the product page.

As the product page is critical to get organic downloads and increase the search rankings, testing different versions will be illuminating for most developers. You’ll be able to combine different materials and see which one performs better. When testing goes on, critical metrics like impressions, downloads, and conversion rates can be tracked. Apple says that before making the testing live, all the materials need to be reviewed and approved by the Apple team.

You can read about our article on A/B testing to understand how to conduct your testing process successfully.

Visit Apple’s official briefing on Product Page Optimization.

Customized Product Pages

As product page optimization boosts organic downloads, Apple provides another ability to make the best out of paid user acquisition campaigns. Customizable product pages. Up to 35 different versions of product pages will be able to be published with including different features of the product, content, or else. With that ability, we’ll also be able to direct users from different campaigns to the product page URLs. So we can see the sources of all users we acquire. It means if you create a Facebook campaign, you can create a product page for the users acquired from Facebook ads. You can make them see a totally different version of the product page just prepared for themselves.

As we know, App icon will remain the same in that process but the materials like screenshots, app preview videos, promotional pages can be changed.
With custom pages, you’ll be able to;

  • Track each metrics like impressions, downloads, conversion rates for each product page.
  • Analyze the data like retention, sales per paying user,
  • Understand which custom product page & campaign performs the most.

To use the custom pages, we’ll again need to submit them for reviews and get approval from the Apple team.

Visit Apple’s official briefing on Custom Pages.

In-app Events

We’ve always said that retention is everything. To improve retention rates, in-app-events will be there to help. With iOS15 we’ll go into a new era of promotion. As we use push notifications to keep our users active, now we’ll have in-app event cards. We'll be able to frequently update the content and promote offers to active users.
Developers will create events within apps and games to create user engagement and increase their retention. Apple says it’s a different way to promote products.

In-app events will be seen on product pages, in search results, and in personal recommendations. You can also create in-app events to send with an email to your customers, use as a marketing creative, social media, or other platforms that you believe will be effective.

There are different types of events that you can create for your app like; challenges, competitions, live events, major updates, new season, premiere, and special events.
For all of them, Apple requires a few rules to apply;

  • The name shouldn’t be longer than 30 characters. Briefly add the event name.
  • The description should be up to 120 characters. This part includes the aim & details for your event.
  • You can use creatives like video or images that you want to use in the event but for videos, the limit is up to 30 seconds prepared within a poster frame. The content copyrights should belong to you or have already been bought.

Visit Apple’s official briefing on In-app events.

App Analytics

Appstore Connect becomes better to get analysis of our app. As new metrics are being added to the platform for custom product pages, A/B tests, in-app events, other key metrics will be subsidiary for those.
Here are some of those metrics that will be added to iOS15,

  • Total downloads,
  • Re-downloads,
  • Proceeds data,
  • The average revenue per paying user,
  • Pre-orders,
  • Updates

If the users will agree to share, the data will be available to developers. That means we’ll get the data but not from all the users of our app. Even so, that will give you a broad perspective from app usages.

In addition to the metrics, a new search results UI is waiting for us. It will include in-app event cards. If a user previously downloaded the app they will be able to see in-app cards, but if not, they will be shown app screenshots. In other words, the app screenshots will be hidden from those who already downloaded the app once.

The official release date for iOS 15 is on Fall 2021. We’re very excited to see how new changes will affect our marketing efforts!

No matter what, in StoreSpy you can find the easiest way of analyzing and promoting your mobile app. Even before you get adopted to new changes, we’ll make everything clearer for you.