App marketing has different channels to fuel the growth as paid or organic. Organic methods may seem to cost less than paid marketing but actually, in the long term, it is not. So supporting organic activities with paid advertising is a must to have successful app growth. Since there are many different platforms to advertise, it is not always easy to understand how to make the best out of ads. The creative sets, acquisition costs, targeting, and methodology are all important elements for successful ad campaigns.

Ad intelligence is a software solution that provides every data regarding the advertising activities of you or other brands. Knowing what to design as creative sets, how to create the first user campaigns, using the right targeted keywords are boosting the ads success. This is where StoreSpy's ad intelligence tool dive in. While measuring ads campaign, you should track all the data regarding your ads.

The advertising intelligence solution monitors your strategic keywords and assists you in answering the questions. Answering these issues based only on data given by ad hosting companies is extremely tough.

- Significant competitors in your competitive landscape

- Advertisement activities of competitors

- Products, pricing, and reviews and ratings of competitors

- The intricacies of competition across geographies, historical periods, and gadgets

- Your current ad rank position and how it has changed over time

There are different features in ad intelligence to use. All of them are for providing a clear focus for your advertising campaigns. Just starting to use ad intelligence and don’t know where to look at it? Let us help you with a few important points. Here are the key features of Ad Intelligence.

Top Advertisers

In top advertisers, you can see the data of who creates the most aggressive advertising campaigns among the others. More ads mean they are more experienced in advertising and making successful campaigns. Filtering according to category, country, device, or ad network is possible. So if you want to start a campaign on Facebook, check who’s killing with the FB campaigns and benchmark their strategies for your app. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Top Publishers

In this section, you can reach which apps are most preferred to publish ads by the advertisers. With top publishers, it is easy to understand what are the most popular apps that are being used by the ad networks. You can filter the apps according to country, device, ad network, and date. See who is publishing the ads most.

Creative Gallery is where all marketing creatives are analyzed and gathered in one dashboard. You can search for apps’ creative sets whether it is video or visual by filtering according to categories, networks, keywords, countries, and media type. See which creatives perform the best and design your next steps according to them. You can get inspired by different types of creatives from the gallery.

Benefits of Ads Intelligence

Advertising intelligence provides app marketers, publishers, and agencies with important linked competitive intelligence. They may use ad intelligence to fine-tune their offering, create their strategy, and allocate resources to boost company success.

Knowing the complete facts of app owner advertising campaigns allows media owners to uncover new sales possibilities. These competition insights are used by app marketers to follow what other companies are doing, benchmark budget expenditure, message, and overall strategy. As a result, they may perform better and contribute more value.

Also, app marketers may monitor competition behavior to guide marketing strategy and campaign development decisions. Ad insights help them to more efficiently allocate money and so boost their return on investment.

What Ad Intelligence tools can do?

Provide transparent data & insights

Ad intelligence tools can present insights into how much money app owners spend on digital ads on mobile, video, or visuals. Also, in which platforms or ad networks, people make the best outcomes from the ads. If there is already a successful case, why try to figure that out from the beginning? Applying a successful strategy for your ads will save you time.

Provide applied ads strategies

This data is used by brands to establish their digital advertising strategy and outwit the competition. Using a competitive intelligence tool is similar to peering over a competitor's shoulder: for example, the information given might be utilized to protect the market position or grab a competitor's consumers.

Monitor competitors actions

The data offered by competitive tools are neutral: it provides an unbiased look at the top clients and publications of possible partners. An intelligence platform can even notify you whether a potential partner is cooperating with your rivals.

Ad Intelligence gives detailed visibility and analysis of your ad's competitive environment, allowing you to optimize your advertising and improve user acquisition campaign effectiveness.

Allow Ad Intelligence to optimize the effect of your advertisements. Take decisive action based on the strategic insight supplied by Ad Intelligence platform data to get a competitive advantage over competitors. Improve the efficacy of your advertising campaigns and boost your return on investment (ROI).