App store optimization, or ASO, is something that many app developers and marketers overlook regularly. After the initial development is complete and the app has been posted to all leading app stores, mobile app marketers typically focus on additional marketing strategies. Examples include blogging, social networking, paid promotion, and any other method that can direct potential buyers to the app store page.

All of these strategies are highly effective in their own right. Nevertheless, have you considered the potential that, after all of your hard work in getting your user to the app store, it was your poor choice of screenshots, vague description, or bad reviews that caused them to choose not to download your application?

With millions of apps in the major app stores, putting your app in front of the right people remains one of the most difficult challenges. A simple app store search drives a whopping 70% of app downloads, making app store search the most popular method for discovering and downloading new apps.

Suppose your app store page needs to be more effectively optimized. In that case, it will fail to appear in many relevant searches, thus costing you hundreds, if not thousands, of potential downloads. Spending a little time and work each week to improve and update your app store will allow you to gain rewards in the long run and maintain those organic downloads flowing in.

Here are top 10 grossing financial apps of 2022 and how they make it happen:

1-QuickBooks Self-Employed: QuickBooks Self-Employed users have found billions in potential tax deductions by using the automatic mileage tracker, organizing business expenses by category, and attaching receipts to the correct transactions.

2-MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log: MileIQ automatically tracks your drives in the background. MileIQ means you won't have to log your miles or start and stop recording manually. MileIQ creates a compliant mileage log for you.

3-Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets: Rocket Money (formerly Truebill) is your primary financial control center. The app automatically tracks different accounts and helps you navigate your monthly finances to provide a clear picture of your income and expenses. Rocket Money finds recurring subscriptions and cancels them for you. It tracks all your bills and notifies you when they're soon to be due. Rocket Money can even negotiate bills on your behalf to get you much lower rates.

4-YNAB (You Need A Budget): The YNAB budgeting app and its simple four-rule method will help you demolish your debt, save piles of cash, spend without guilt, and reach your financial goals faster.

5-Seeking Alpha: News & Analysis: Seeking Alpha is the world's largest investing community. Powered by the wisdom and diversity of crowdsourcing - millions of passionate investors connect daily to discover and share new investment ideas and strategies, discuss breaking financial news, debate the merits of stocks, and make informed investment decisions. +22 million people use Seeking Alpha every month across multiple platforms.

6-EveryDollar: Budget Your Money: EveryDollar is built on zero-based budgeting. You give every dollar a job to do (see where we got the name?) before the month begins—so your income minus your expenses always equal zero. No complicated percentage-based or "month ahead" planning is required—just simple budgeting that puts you in control of your finances.

7-Mileage Tracker by Everlance: Everlance automatically and accurately logs all your miles while driving. Everlance runs silently in the background so that you can forget about paper mileage logs or tax hassles. With Everlance, you never have to think about tracking your work miles again. Customize tracking to get details on miles, trip start and end time, location, trip logs, reimbursement value, and more.

8-Credit Sesame: Sesame Cash is your all-in-one account created to improve your financial wellness. After you fund your account, you'll get a debit card with access to cash-back offers when you shop at local businesses and your favorite big brands too!*** If you want to access your cash a little faster, setting up a direct deposit into your Sesame Cash account can get you paid up to 2 days faster!

9-TradingView: Track All Markets: We're where the world charts, chats, and trades markets. Over 30 million people use our social network, and supercharged supercharges to make better, brighter decisions when they trade. Download our app to access free charts, alerts, and advanced watchlists, discuss the latest trends with other traders, and much more. Here's a fuller feature set:

10-Webull: Investing & Trading: It is a financial company with the customer at heart, the internet as its foundation, and technology as its lifeblood. Its leadership has extensive experience in both the internet and financial industries. They are committed to synergizing technology with finance by providing reliable, professional, intelligent, and efficient products and services. Enjoy Tech. Enjoy Investing.

On the dynamics that make them achieve success

Two of the most important metrics they care about are ratings and reviews. Ratings and reviews are critical components of ASO since they affect both the algorithm (primarily through volume) and user conversion (mainly through quality). Ratings, in particular, are highly apparent to users. A critical goal is to strike a balance between quantity and quality. Reviews are also an excellent source of user expectations and happiness. 9 of the apps above have got at least 40.000 reviews so far. Some even get more than 200.000. Instead of aiming for a perfect score, aim for a score in the 4.0-4.99 range. You're fine if your app's rating is over 4.0—whether it's 4.1 or 4.9, these modifications do not affect conversion rates. However, once ratings fall to 3.99 or less, conversion rates begin to fall, as customers equate a three-star rating with inferior quality. Almost all of the ratings of these apps are over 4.7.

Keeping the app updated and being featured on application stores are vital for the app, as well. Regular app updates signal app stores and consumers that an active team is striving to improve the app. When you demonstrate to your customers and app stores that you are making significant efforts to make your app the best it can be, your app has a far better chance of winning a featured app store spot. These top-grossing finance apps are updating their apps regularly and getting featured on application stores sometimes.

Lastly, screenshots and videos are essential tools in your prizefight for more downloads. Regarding ASO, developers with appealing app screenshots and app preview videos have a higher rate of downloads and success. Screenshots are the best way to show off your app to the world. Customers don’t want to download an app without seeing it and its capabilities first. Looking at top-grossing finance apps, you can quickly notice at least 5 catchy screenshots on their app page, which helps them turn potential users into real ones.

Of course, these companies do more for marketing and ASO to push their apps forward. Still, the factors, including rating & reviews, updates, being featured, and screenshots, tell us a lot about their success stories.

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