Product page optimization is the key factor when converting to more users from an acquisition campaign. Users check out the product pages and decide whether they came from Instagram, search ads, or any other advertisement platform. They’re all end up in one place that has a huge effect on decision-making.

A well-optimized product page affects both organic and paid downloads. It helps to increase your conversion rates as well. Today, with the rise of iOS15, different product pages can be tested and find out which performs the best. This ability gives app marketers a totally different field to learn how to optimize their product pages. You can read our article on What’s new with the iOS15?

Creating a well-designed product page is not that hard. But to have the best results, there are a few strategies to apply.

Design a Catchy App Icon

App icons are important elements to catch people’s eyes in the search. An icon that represents the app clearly will work very well. Just let people have an opinion on what you do and attract them with a well-designed icon. According to a study of SplitMetrics, an impressive app icon can increase the conversion rate up to 560 percent! That creates a huge difference.

So how to create the best app icon? You don’t have to be a designer to do it, just know the rules, find a proper tool and create the best app icon. Before looking at the free resources, check out the formats of an App Icon first.

For Google Play, the sizes and format should be:

- App Icon Size: 512px x 512px

  • Format: 32-bit PNG
  • Color space: sRGB
  • Max file size: 1024 KB
  • Shape: Full square
  • Shadow: None

Read the official Google Play guideline from here.  

For Apple Store, the sizes and format should be:

  • Format: PNG
  • Color Space: Display P3 (wide-gamut color), sRGB (color), or Gray Gamma 2.2 (grayscale).
  • Layers: Flattened with no transparency
  • Resolution: Varies
  • Shape: Square with no rounded corners


For iPhone: 60x60 pt (180x180 px @3x) and 60x60 pt (120x120 px @2x)

iPad Pro: 83.5x83.5 pt (167x167 px @2x)

iPad, iPad mini: 76x76 pt (152x152 px @2x)

App Store: 1024x1024 pt (1024x1024 px @1x)

Read the official App Store guideline from here.

Create an Entertaining App Preview Video

App preview videos are the most engaging parts of a product page. It’s a maximum 30 seconds video that includes the features of your product entertainingly. Adding a screen record is boring and makes people close it from the first second. So to make it fun, including music, an interactive flow is highly important. Attract them with the most liked features of your app in an app preview video!

To make a great app preview video:

  1. Use screen captures from your product
  2. Include product features
  3. Don’t make it longer than 30 seconds
  4. Don’t make it wordy
  5. Follow the guidelines

Check out App Store Guidelines for App Preview.

Check out Google Play Guidelines for Promo Video.

Make the very best App Product Screens

Product screens are very effective when it comes to telling people what are the things inside of an app. How the app works, what’s included, and why it’s worth downloading can be included in product screens. Adding only app screenshots may not give all the messages you want to, so designing it perfectly could help. Here are a few things that will help you to design the best product screens.

These screens are also shown in the search so it’s a perfect chance to draw attention to your app. The rules are quite different for Apple and Google Play for the product screenshots.

When designing a product screenshot, you can use some of these strategies:

  • Include a few words on the designs but not too wordy,
  • Make people see what your product does,
  • Create a meaningful flow,
  • Localize your app screenshots
  • Follow the guidelines

Check out Apple’s product screen sizes and format from here.

Check out Google Play’s product screen sizes and format from here.

Free sources to create App Icon, App Preview Video, and Product Screens


You can basically design anything on Canva. It’s one of the most popular free graphic design tools and includes lots of free & paid elements to create catchy icons and product screenshots. You can search for templates or create from scratch. It’s very easy to use!


App Icon Generator

It’s an online tool to generate app icons with a very simple interface. Easily select an icon image from many, drag and drop and that’s it! The free App Icon Generator helps you to find alternatives for the perfect app icon you would like to make.


Previewed App

This tool has cool mockups that you can easily use. Search for cool templates and edit them as to how you want. You can either try to design product screenshots or create preview videos from ready-made templates. It’s usable as free, too.



To create preview videos, you can use Renderforest which is an app promo video maker online. Editing and creating original content without downloading any software is possible with this tool. You can check out the current video templates and create yours with ease. It also has a free version!