Screenshots are the foundation of an app product page. From screenshots, the customer can tell if your app is worth the download. A study by Localytics reveals that screenshots have a direct impact on app downloads and conversion. The other important fact is that people decide to download your app in just 7 seconds. So you have 7 seconds to impress users to download your app. This blog will reveal some tips for creating app screenshots for an app store page.

In the current trend of app marketing, app screenshots are very necessary and play an important role in making your product popular among the users or in other words, app screenshots are very necessary for app marketing as it helps you to create an illusion in front of the users. Research has shown that consumers are more likely to purchase a product after viewing the screenshots. This is because consumers often have a hard time imagining what the app would look like on their phones.

Why App Screenshots are important?

Users are influenced by the visuals of app screenshots since it’s the direct contact for the app and then decide to install or not install your app. It’s very unlikely for the people click on the “Read more” button because they’re affected by the screenshots at first. According to Splitmetrics research screenshots are very critical elements on converting to installs by 18% on average. This means that people only keep the visuals in mind. The main idea of screenshots is to highlight the primary features and benefits to download an application which may be any app. So here are some tips to create the best screenshots for your app’s product page.

1. Create a Flow

For Apple Appstore, you’re allowed to add up to 10 screenshots and this number for Google Play Store is 8. There is enough space to tell a story and attract users’ attention. Create a flow for users so they can follow a logical path and understand how does your app work. You can also combine screenshots and create a larger place. This look will create a totally different presence and give users a good effect.

2. Add Captivating & Bold Texts

You can add texts on the screenshots but not long, complex sentences. Include max 4 words into your screenshots, place them at the top and make them bold enough to be seen by everyone. It’s a smart way to present the app’s value and tell your story in a meaningful way. These captions will also help you to guide people on how to and why to use your app. Make sure to implement your story and follow the screenshots flow.

3. Include Reviews & Rewards

People love to use proven and already liked apps by other users. It’s a common fact that users trust other users' opinions and decide to install an app. Reviews can increase conversion rates up to 250%. Include one or two catchy reviews, any rewards, or a top-ranking if you have. Ratings are also effective to use in the screenshots.

4. Follow the guidelines

As we always said, it’s highly important to keep the work in the required format. The rules for the screenshots are different for Apple Appstore and Google Play store so you cannot use the same format for the other app store. Before designing the screenshots review the sizes, numbers, and format of the visuals. That’s how you’ll save time and remove the risks of getting rejected from reviewing teams.

For Google Play, check out screenshot rules from here.

For Apple Appstore, check out screenshot rules from here.

Tools to Create App Store Screenshots

You may not be a designer and that’s not even a problem. There are certain tools both free and paid that provide screenshot designing services that are very easy to use. We’ve made a research for you and gathered a few of them. Here are some:

Previewed App

This tool provides free and paid templates for creating screenshots. There are ready-made designs inside which you can easily pick one and design by yourself.


Placeit is a tool by Envato that mostly provides the designs as mockups you can place your screenshots in them and simply use them. All sizes will already be set.


Mostly provides designs with frames for every size and device. You can select a device design and move forward with it or from the editor you can produce visuals. It provides mostly panoramic but also individual designs, too.


Easy mockup generator includes lots of templates. You can try the generator and wait for the tool to generate a screenshot or edit one of the templates according to your preferences.