App Store Optimization (ASO) is a lifesaver method to rank better and improve visibility. It's a complete process of optimizing the app product page, designing a good user experience, and providing customer support. With a good ASO, organic downloads can increase among other mobile apps published daily on Apple and Google App Store.

As privacy issues get serious and many precautions prevent analyzing many performance marketing metrics, ASO is more important than ever. So to make it better, we have creative strategies for each step of app store optimization.

1. Start by describing your app

The foundation of a good ASO is coming through a clear definition of the mobile app. Whether it's a mobile game, graphic designing, or meditating app, the whole functions and purpose of the mobile app need to be defined very directly. To do that, first of all, write down everything related to your app, such as its functions, how it's working and why people will need it.

2. Brainstorming for ASO

Let's say we have all we need to define the app clearly. Write down every word which you think represents your app the best. Then, try to find the synonyms of those words. All those words will help you to create the perfect App Store page with a catchy title, subtitle, description, and keywords. High relevancy for those items means higher conversion rates and better visibility.

3. Spying on competitors

There are two ways to optimize the App Store page productively. One is defining the app perfectly and creating the product page as it seems. The other is spying on the competitors, analyzing which keywords are performing the best, and using the ones that are highly related to your app. You can use an ASO, Market, or App intelligence tool like StoreSpy to do it easier.

App Analysis & Market Intelligence

4. Catchy items needed for best ASO

We're at the part where you need to work creatively with your graphic designer. The app icon, screenshots, and preview video should be eye-catching. Those will be the first things users will see in the search ranking, and if that catches the user's eye, it will make them visit your product page. That is a significant factor in product page views from impressions.

App Profile & App Intelligence

You can easily register on StoreSpy and start spying on any app you want.

5. ASO is boosted by Good Reviews & Ratings

A good reference is fundamental to getting more product downloads from the app store page. Today, we live in an era in which there are lots of mobile apps to consume. So with a wide range of options like that, the ratings & reviews section is the first place to understand which product is worth downloading. If your app suffers from low conversion rates of the product page to downloads, reviews may be affecting it. Not every person loves to leave a review or rating. However, you may add a rating & review pop-up on your app to make them do it. We strongly suggest you do not prefer buying fake reviews & ratings because it will not improve your ASO and can even cause your app removal. As much as you get organic reviews and ratings, your ASO will perform better.

Reviews & App Intelligence

6. Product Design

ASO is not just the product page, keywords, and visuals. It's the total work of the product design and product page optimization. User experience is one thing that app publishers strictly need to focus on. Changing one small detail can affect many different metrics in the app. The deletions and users' daily engagements affect the ASO as much as app installs. Those issues come from the product design itself. To understand if your product is performing well or not, create a growth (AARRR) funnel and check out exactly where you are not converting. You can also implement a feedback tool and ask for users' opinions.

7. Search Ads

More downloads mean more ranking in the keywords you focused on. To speed up that process and increase visibility, search ads can help you in many ways. The first way is using the search ads to find the keyword suggestions of Google or Apple is providing you. That can help you use the relevant keywords that search engines are already suggesting and perform better on keyword optimization. On the other hand, search ads allow you to specifically target the people already looking for you. Acquiring new users from different channels is also important to increase app installs, but it should be targeted the right people to have high conversion rates. So, always know your customer first.

8. Monitor ASO performance weekly

Analyzing the good and bad effects of ASO is very important to develop it every day. Check out which keywords you are getting ranked if you are in a chart or not, and which sources you are having the downloads so you can increase or decrease your efforts according to that. Finding the proper channels and sources may allow you to promote your app successfully. You can also monitor different metrics, like which countries you're performing better or if you need to localize your app in different territories. Track the KPIs regularly and update your growth funnel according to that.

Things to keep in mind

Remember that ASO is mandatory for any mobile app, so doing it better than anyone is essential to get excellent visibility, higher downloads, and perfect conversion rates.

ASO is not just keyword research; it is a combination of your work by understanding what users expect.

It's a process you need to keep optimized and improve regularly. Nobody succeeds in just one day. It takes patience, consistency, and monitoring all conversion rates on a regular basis.

Downloads and visibility are two rings of a chain. It's connected to each other. So balancing the two makes your work meaningful and gives you the best results.

An ASO & App intelligence tool can make all your processes more manageable. You will also need it to check out how your app is performing and what the trends are, and keep an eye on competitors' work so you can improve your mobile app better.

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