With the introduction of mobile applications into our lives, a great number of our habits has begun to change. We have got into the habit of meeting most of our needs, especially social, entertainment and finance, through mobile apps. In the light of these developments, the priority of mobile apps has gradually shown an increase in the digital transformation of companies.

The rapid growth of the market has led to the development of different marketing strategies among individual developers and institutions. When the mobile application market came into our lives, it was the most important problem to produce need-oriented content. Today, it has become more important to bring the customer and content together. Therefore, a two-step process has been created in the mobile application market by personal developers and corporates. The first one is developing a solution considering the customer's needs or transposing the existing solutions to mobile applications by the digital transformation process. The second is to manage the growth process to highlight the developed mobile app in the market with millions of competitors. At this point, we are going to explain the concept of “App Store Optimization” with the StoreSpy platform, where you can find detailed insights for marketing strategies while increasing the visibility of apps in the market.

What is App Store Optimization?

ASO ensures apps are downloaded more and acquire users in an organic way. In other words, it makes it easy for users to reach you in app stores where you have millions of competitors.

App Store Optimization basically depends on two different parameter groups that enable applications to reach their users over the store in the most efficient way. Among the parameters, on-metadata factors are changeable; off-metadata factors are the parameters that cannot be changed. These parameters and the app stores they affect are specified.

You can increase the visibility and recognition of your apps by optimizing metadata parameters. StoreSpy provides its users with the most accurate analyses for these parameters. With your regular analyses and changes, you can be reached easier by the users in app stores and manage your mobile growth process. Growth depending on on-metadata factors affects off-metadata factors directly. Hereby, you can ensure regular and organic growth for your app through App Store Optimization.

How Do I Increase My App Downloads?

65 percent of mobile app users, that is to say, the vast majority decide on the app they want to download while browsing the app stores. Therefore, apps that manage app store optimization in the most efficient way are able to reach a great number of downloads expeditiously.

For your app, the insights that are received from your customers and competitors take an important place in instant competition analysis in the app stores where you meet the potential users at the highest rate. These are the resources that will increase your app downloads and create your growth plan.

Is ASO Important for App Growth?

There are more than 4 million mobile apps in App Store and Google Play. Although the density is higher in some categories, there are millions of rival apps that you develop in any category. In this market, you need to do very precise optimization and strategic analyses to go before the users who need your solutions.

The primary goal of App Store Optimization is to increase the number of loyal users that are in need of your app. Although there are expensive ways to attract more users, it is uncertain whether the incoming user will be loyal or not.

According to Apple Search Ads, 65 percent of users download by searching and browsing on the store. Therefore, the most efficient environment for an app to reach out its loyal users is the app store. The user that runs into and downloads your app in the app store will be the top-grossing user.

Why is ASO necessary for App Growth?

How Do I Expand my App with Advertising? How Can my App Get More Downloads with Social Media Ads? Can I get more downloads with Flash in-App Ads? Of course, you may look for an answer to these questions. You can try to increase your app downloads with these methods like in-app ads and social media ads. All of these methods are quite expensive, but they can be done in a short time. Yet will you be able to reach loyal users and retention sustainably with these methods? The answer is no. With these methods, your app will reach short-term and unsustainable users. Besides, you will incessantly have to spend too much on these ads.

ASO, on the other hand, will allow you to reach the target of your application in the easiest way. Additionally, it will enable you to develop strategic advertisements by sharing insights from your users for the ads you have planned. The prominent and significant advantages of ASO compared to all other methods are as follows:

  • Find users who need your app: Meet the users that are in search of your app! Those users will use your app for a long time and do in-app purchases as they find you by searching for the content of your app.
  • Increase your app retention in the most cost-effective way: Are the advertising campaigns you organize through many different channels too expensive? With ASO, you can provide the most cost- effective retention for your app. Remember; If the users who need your application do not know about you, your existing users will not be able to provide retention.
  • Keep up with competitors of your app consistently: Your worldwide competitors make some moves with the same goals as you. Always keep track of competitors’ strategies and create the most convenient growth strategy.
  • Increase the recognition of your app: Reach out your users by rising to the top on App Store and Google Play in the category of your app. Even though your app has great content and technology, it will be so difficult to be discovered if it is not at the top on app stores.
  • Open your app to the whole world: Review the activities of users from all over the world on mobile apps. ASO helps you make your app available for the languages in your target market. Your app spreads from local to global.

In order to manage the growth process of your application efficiently, you should make the most of ASO. You have learned the basic features and effects of ASO. StoreSpy will be your source for the most efficient results in this process.