Being featured on the App Store allows you to reach your users easily and increase your downloads quickly. To be featured on the App Store, you need to follow some known rules, discover the best and be inspired by them.

Then, all you need to do is to make an application to the App Store. Before applying, it is good to remember that editors review millions of apps, and you will pass a selective elimination. Let's go through the basic optimizations you need to do before applying.

1. Start with a Good User Experience

To be featured on the App Store, you must have a bug-free app before applying. It is unlikely that App Store editors will feature an app with bugs and does not excite the user. After your users download the app, you should provide the features you promote with a good experience.

Editors are also users who experience apps very often. Therefore, they can approach app evaluation more professionally in terms of design and experience than an average user. If you have achieved a basic requirement such as getting rid of bugs, a good flow of design and user experience, always challenge for the better. An app updated periodically, in a sense, that does not run around in circles, impresses the editors.

2. Keep up with Apple Technologies

It is a good way to use Apple technologies to become a featured product in Apple's field. For instance, you can advertise your app with Apple Search Ads from mobile ad networks. With this ad network, your app will be featured in response to the relevant keywords on the App Store. Thus, you can reach users in different countries more easily.

To use Apple Technologies effective, following Apple's WWDC events can give important clues. You can catch Apple editors’ eyes by using the Apple technologies, updates and goals featured in this event within your app. After this annual event, it would be nice to make a quick update and apply with a new Apple technology that you can integrate with the content of your product. It sounds nice that an app featured on the App Store uses Apple technologies actively, does not it?

3. Always Improve ASO and Store Appearance

ASO is the most effective method to get organic users. For detailed information, you can use our posts about ASO.

You can make a start on ASO by optimizing title, subtitle, screenshots, description, and keywords. It is possible to acquire organic users by doing detailed studies on all of these. Tell your users properly about the content of your app, what problems it solves and what it does differently from other apps. Anyone who reviews your app on the App Store should easily understand all that. All text, image or video content that affects the Store appearance should be up-to-date.

4. Announce Your App on Different Channels

After publishing your app, go on different channels where you can reach users. By creating a website for your app, you can display your app, your team, or different details.

Web-to-app is more important now. By working with an influencer or creating social media ad campaigns, you can reach more users and give the editors confidence for your app. Do not settle for reaching users from the App Store only.

5. Localize Your App Extensively

Feel free to open your app up to the world. You increase your potential users to millions by reaching all countries. Do not confine your app just to reaching countries. It is more difficult to achieve without detailed localization. Localize your store content to market and your app content for a better user experience, in detail.


After doing the necessary optimizations, you need to make a detailed application where you need to promote your app to Apple. Although this form changes from time to time, it generally asks for similar information. Prepare the resources you use in the form and your content in an aesthetic way.