As much as it seems that app marketing costs high prices, it’s usually not. With the right strategies, timing, and consistency, any app can have growth with low-budget marketing activities. The faster you start working on your app is always the better.

There are several ways of app marketing with different channels. We gathered five of them to let you know how you can promote your app.

1.Start with ASO & SEO

Search optimization is one of the very effective ways to directly reach people who already are looking for you. It’s not only a low-budgeted marketing activity but also a must to grow organically. It’s needed to create a well-working funnel for the app conversions. So before launching the app, there are a few things to do for ASO and SEO.

  • Landing Page: You need to make sure that people can find you anywhere. Create a landing page that includes a call-to-action to download your app whether in Apple Store or Google Play. Arrange meta tags, heading tags, and all alt-captions for the images. And make sure your landing page is working well & fast.
  • Keyword Research: Finding which keywords are the most relevant to your app is crucial. Doing effective keyword research helps you to put your app in the right search results. Before you start researching, you can write down every word that you think could be a good fit for your app and make your research around those keywords. You’ll use them for your app ASO.
  • Product page content: The product page is the most important thing when it comes to converting visitors into downloads. Start with creating a catchy icon that identifies your product simply. The other substantial thing for the product pages is adding well-designed, clear screenshots that show the critical features of your app. You can also add a preview video because people are more likely to download an app with product videos.
  • Rating & Reviews: This is one of the most effective ways to get fast growth and improve conversions. People decide according to the references. An app without any review or rating will not get downloaded fast enough to grow. So make sure that you’re getting ratings and reviews from your users. Also, take care of their responses for the app and respond to them regularly. Remember that, they are the first ones who will let you know if there is anything goes wrong.
  • App Title, Subtitle, Description: You should include the right keywords into your app title, subtitle, and description to get noticed and improve your ASO. After your research, include critical keywords on your metadata to make your optimization better.

After working on your ASO and SEO strategy, you can spend some effort to get featured. Consider reaching out to Apple Store and Google Play editors and pitch your product to them. If you have a good app, it will not be that hard. Follow the store regulations so editors will consider your product to review at least. Getting featured may seem hard and like a dream to every developer. It’s not only a dream because it's highly doable.

Appearing in the first pages of everyone is free when you are featured. It can bring lots of users in a fraction of a second however that may cause some problems as well. A sudden increase in app downloads can bring about bugs, server problems which affect users’ reviews a lot. Before you submit your app to get featured, make sure your software is ready for thousands.

3. Content Marketing

They say content is the king. Well, they may be right at some point. People consume lots of content today and still demand more. So to reach the target users, you can also use content marketing. There are different channels to create content and promote your app. Here are two of them:

  • Use social media: You can use social media for both engaging with users and also sharing catchy content for your app. Use social media channels to share how-to videos, entertaining or informing content for your app. It’s also an effective tool to create brand awareness.
  • Write for your blog: Create content for your blog. Include helpful articles to answer people’s needs, questions and explain how your app works. You can also include video content to get more engagement. Don’t forget to direct users into app downloads after reading your blog posts.

4. Cross Promotions

There are other channels that can contribute to your growth organically. You can apply a few of them to get noticed by different platforms as well.

  • Collaborators: You can look for collaborators who can support your growth. A limited budget allows you to organize a variety of partnerships to swap an audience, such as guest articles, joint broadcasts, and webinars, as well as going offline.
  • Smart App Banners may be added to your (mobile) websites. These advertisements will appear when consumers visit your website and encourage them to download your app. Both Apple and Google provide native Smart App Banners, but you may also employ third-party solutions that are more customized and visually appealing.
  • Press: It is commonly understood that gaining media attention is a good approach to get exposure and reach a broader audience. Prepare your press kit and be prepared to contact the media and journalists. You may also visit conferences and introduce your goods to the participants. Guest blogging is also an efficient technique of creating strong ties with key industry players and, as a result, promoting your app among their customers. Create and share a post that highlights your features and functions.

5. Word of Mouth

From within your app, users should be able to share it with their friends. The more channels you provide, the better: social media, instant messengers of all types, and email. Provide that ability to users so they can share your app and make their friends download it via good reference. Remember that reference is always effective to get downloads.

You can run contests or a rewarding system to encourage users to invite more friends so they can get a prize in the end.

Influencer Marketing: Getting in contact with influencers is a wonderful strategy — you will gain a lot more people as a result of them. When we follow influencers, we have a tendency to mimic what they do and utilize. Do you wish to increase the number of users? This is one of the most efficient methods. They will aid in the promotion of your software or game and drive dedicated users.