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Welcome to the Official App of the Big Grassy First Nation! We have developed the Big Grassy First Nation app to be a communications platform for our community. Our app helps Big Grassy First Nation staff, community members, band members, and the general public to keep up with goings-on around the Nation. Through the use of individual, personalized and curated content feeds, each registered user has unparalleled access to the information they need directly at their fingertips!

Our app distributes important and exclusive information about news, events, press releases, career opportunities, and emergency alerts; requesting and collecting feedback directly from app users via fillable forms; collect signatures and document authorizations from individual app users; and internal communications and authorizations between administrative users.

Users can utilize native iOS functionality to quickly and easily add posted events to their device calendar with one tap, as well as receive push notifications. Connect directly to the Band Office – submit requests, information, and questions that will be associated with your user account; make your voice heard! Authorize or reject documents sent by the Band Office, and issue corrections.

App features include:
- View personalized feed supplied by the Band Office in a chronological order or by category:
    - News
    - Events
    - Jobs
    - Documents
    - Forms
- Receive push notifications from the Band Office at a moment's notice for:
    - Job Opportunities
    - Band Meeting Announcements
    - Community Events
    - Emergency Notices
    - Programs & Training
    - Application forms for Band Resources
    - Any other important communications
- Provide signatures for submitted forms
- Provide document authorizations and/or corrections
- Add events to their device's calendar with one tap
- Download, share, or print PDF or JEG documents from the Band Office
- Complete and submit fillable forms to provide information, feedback, or ask questions
- Receive personalized communications based on their user account or associated user groups

Download the Big Grassy First Nation App today!
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