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Speech To Text, Transcription,

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Speech To Text, Transcription,
Here come speech to text and text to speech !!!
Text to Speech:
text to voice in any languages.
Choose the language, enter text or paste text, tap the speak button.

Speech to text:
-Live Transcription
-Recorded/File Transcription
-M4a Sound File Editor
-MP3 to M4a file convertor
-File Manager/Index/Browse/Delete/Toggle playback
-Text Editor/ Edit, Save, Upload Transcription text
-MP3, M4a File import/export
-50 Languages transcription
-voice note
-language practice
-meeting recording/transcription/import/export
-Click navigation back button on any screen to return to previous screen
-Click Main button on any screen to return to main menu

Live Transcription
-Turn your voice into text
-Choose languages from picker
-Click Transcribe button then speak
-Transcription segments display in text view
-Click Stop button to end 
-Click in text view to edit, copy, paste the text
-Click Save button to save text into file
-Click Clear button to empty text view
-File name contains country-language code-time stamp, easy to recall
-Click Folder button to view all files in sandbox
-50 languages voice practice
-Voice note
-Auto stop in one minute limit

Recorded Transcription
-Choose languages from picker
-Click Record button to begin recording, click record button again to pause and continue
-Slider bar displays recording progress along with number in seconds
-Click Stop button to end recording, recorded file display in table view
-Click on file name to toggle playback, slier displays progress
-Choose file and click Transcribe button to transcribe the recorded file
-Click Files button to view all files in sandbox
-Background recording and playback when device display go off to sleep
-Pause and continue during recording and playback
-slider progress for recording and playback
-store sound files

Sound File Transcription
-Choose file and click Transcribe button to begin transcription
-Transcription follows the language chosen from the picker
-Transcription segments display in text view
-Alert when transcription done and transcription file is created
-Click on text file to edit the text file using Transcription Editor
-Click Sound Editor button to begin sound editing
-Click Files button to view all files in sandbox

Transcription Editor
-Edit at will
-Save when done editing
-Upload to external device as wish

Sound editor
-trim any length sound files to be within one minute transcription
-auto trim in any given seconds
-manual trim sound files anywhere and any seconds in m4a sound file 
- trim files named by number of files increment

File Manager
-File view, index alphabetically, group by alphabet, easy to locate
-Left swipe to delete
-Display sound file length in seconds
-Click on file toggle sound playback 
-Convert mp3 to m4a
-Share sound, text or pdf file to iCloud or google drive
-Convert mp3 to m4a for sound editing
-Navigation controller, easily go back and forth 
-Convert txt to pdf
-PDF preview
File Download
-browse and download files from iCloud or google drive
-sound playback
-mp3 to m4a file convertor
-import mp3 sound files for transcription

Support 50 languages:
"China mainland"
"Hong Kong"
  - 16 : "Hungary"
  - 17 : "India"
  - 18 : "Indonesia"
  - 19 : "Ireland"
  - 20 : "Israel"
  - 21 : "Italy"
  - 22 : "Japan"
  - 23 : "Latin America"
  - 24 : "Malaysia"
  - 25 : "Mexico"
  - 26 : "Netherlands"
  - 27 : "New Zealand"
  - 28 : "Norway"
  - 29 : "Philippines"
  - 30 : "Poland"
  - 31 : "Portugal"
  - 32 : "Romania"
  - 33 : "Russia"
  - 34 : "Saudi Arabia"
  - 35 : "Singapore"
  - 36 : "Slovakia"
  - 37 : "South Africa"
  - 38 : "South Korea"
  - 39 : "Spain"
  - 40 : "Sweden"
  - 41 : "Switzerland"
  - 42 : "Taiwan"
  - 43 : "Thailand"
  - 44 : "Turkey"
  - 45 : "Ukraine"
  - 46 : "United Arab Emirates"
  - 47 : "United Kingdom"
  - 48 : "United States"
  - 49 : "Vietnam"
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