Oceanic+ Dive Computer App

Oceanic+ Dive Computer App

Scuba Diving Activity Tracker

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Scuba Diving Activity Tracker
Transform your Apple Watch Ultra into a personal dive computer for the ultimate underwater experience. 

Get the Oceanic+ app — the fully capable snorkeling and recreational diving computer providing all the technologies expected from today's most advanced dive computers.

With the Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra, you’ll find: 

• Scuba, Snorkeling, & Surface Modes
• Pre-Dive Location Planner With Surface & Water Conditions
• No Deco Planner Calculates Dive, Depth & Duration
• Built-In Variometer, 3D Tilt Compensated Compass & More Tools
• Monitor Current Depth, Remaining Dive Time, & Ascent Rates
• Easy-To-Read Color-Coded Realtime Dive Parameters
• GPS Enhanced Post-Dive Logbook
• Personal Dive Stats
• Visual & Haptic Safety Warnings
• 7 Watch Face Complications 

▶ Powerful Dive Planner ◀

Set your gas mix, maximum depth planned, algorithm conservatism level, total dive time, surface intervals and more pre-dive settings.

▶ Safely Calculate Diving Parameters ◀ 

Oceanic+ runs a Bühlmann decompression algorithm that constantly calculates and monitors dive parameters, so all critical information is just a glance away. 

▶ Pre-Dive Location Planner ◀

Your iPhone location planner integrates dive conditions like tides, water temperature, and even up-to-date information from the community, like visibility and currents.

▶ Real-Time Underwater Information ◀

Monitor critical dive parameters with customizable notifications at a glance.

• No Decompression Time (TLBG) Tissue loading bar graph
• Variometer for ascent/descent rate 
• Max depth/actual depth up to 130 feet (40 meters)
• Air/Nitrox ready up to 40%
• Elapsed dive time underwater
• Minutes to surface
• CNS + PPO2 tracking
• Visual and haptic safety warnings including safety stop

▶ Enhanced Post-Dive Logbook ◀

See your dive profile in an overlaid graph with depth information, temperature, ascent rates, and no-deco time. Each dive log features the ability to add dive visibility, surface conditions, and currents. 

▶ Track Your Dive Stats ◀

Tracking seasonal and total lifetime dives, max depth, temperatures, and other personalized dive stats is effortless with Oceanic+. 

▶ Post-Dive Watch Face Complications ◀

Choose from no fly time, surface time, dive settings, dive planner, maximum allowed elevation, current elevation, and a quick-launch button back into the Oceanic+ app.
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Do you not buy this app

Do yourself a favor by a real dive computer it is not Air integrated it is not even a free dive watch $79 a year +799 for the watch do yourself a favor Buy a real diving watch with integrated air this is a very expensive novelty. I will not renew my subscription. after this I will never buy nothing from oceanic again. I have owned lots of Dive computers my favorite is G2 scuba pro does it all.

HitectedneckFri, Feb 3, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Works fairly well but needs polishing

I was excited to be able to try the app with the Apple Watch ultra. I used it as my backup dive computer on a trip to little cayman. The display is very readable and worked well comparing it to my main dive computer a Petrel 3. The issue I had was when I placed the app into the dive mode and did a giant stride into the water, the app apparently switched back to surface mode before I submerged and stayed locked in the surface mode ignoring the dive. It would be nice if the depth exceeded a certain amount ( 1 foot, 5 feet, 10 feet ? ) that it would switch back to the dive mode automatically. I missed logging 3-4 dives because of this issue. The Petrel 3 worked fine do I had all the data.

Phillip PorchSun, Jan 29, 2023
United StatesUnited States

doesn’t show all my dive logs on App

I didn’t three dive today, the oceanic app on phone only shows 2 dives, while the watch app has all 3. I did multiple manual sync, but still doesn’t work. Please fix this…

JaydenZYZSun, Jan 29, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Stolen money

Total rip off. I paid for the day plan. I never used it and now it’s gone. I have reached out to the developer and I received no response. It’s a small amount of money, but it’s super frustrating to see a company just rip someone off.

wbiggartSat, Jan 28, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Has a lot of potential, but a few key issues

This is the first dive computer I’ve “owned” (quotes because if the software subscription). When it works, it’s great. But it really needs more and better dive start and stop options. I just did a bunch of cavern dives, and it often thought a dive was over when i came shallow in the middle of a dive. I had to realize it had ended, and restart it, so some dives became split into many dives and it may have missed segments. On another dive, I started it, but it decided I was done sometime before submerging and of course you can’t control anything underwater, so that dive was lost. The other issue is the lack of detailed export. As long as I’m paying for it, I should be able to export All of My data easily. P.S. Max ascent rate is misleadingly high for some very short time/distance maneuvers, there should be a time or distance threshold below which max ascent rate is not relevant.

burn3dThu, Jan 26, 2023
United StatesUnited States


The Apple Watch Ultra is quite the dive computer, if only the Oceanic + app were the same. To say you can use it as a logbook is quite a stretch, you are NOT able to enter your start/end air pressures. The past two days, it shows start/end location on map of first dive but only shows end position of second dive on map. As stated in other reviews, you can not personalize your dive gear bag. You are limited to entering products already listed. One would think it could accept your dive buddies from your iPhone contacts list but you must enter dive buddy individually each dive. One would think these are things available in other dive apps and have nothing to do with the dive computer aspect but someone dropped the ball. Disappointed in this paid dive app.

464X0Thu, Jan 26, 2023
United StatesUnited States

still needs a log of work. probably shouldn’t of released software

The app is lacking hardcore. If you don’t click “i’m fit and ready to dive” that pops up before every dive, the app fails to record your dive. if you push the i’m fit button at lets say 50ft the app log shows you started your dive at 50ft. it’s not recording and tissue saturation or anything unless you hit that button. very dangerous. also every time you come to the surface, it ends your dive and now again you need to hit the i’m fit and ready to dive button. there should be an end dive timer you can set like other dive computers. I am not impressed and with already 6 updates you figured they would fix the dangerous portions

wolfman_4_everWed, Jan 25, 2023
United StatesUnited States
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