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HiTiming is a Microgate App that supports RTPro single Starts and Training Light software by transferring events from the stopwatch to a mobile device in real time.

Cloud Sharing

The HiTiming App has been designed to share timing session data in real time with Coaches, Athletes and other people concerned through a free data sharing service.
As soon as a timing session starts, I can share a session identification code with “Guest” Users. A User who has installed the HiTiming app and receives a text message or an email with the “Session ID” will launch the App in Guest mode and receive all the remote session data in real time. Once the session is closed by the primary user connected to the stopwatch, the sessions on the remote devices will also be closed automatically. Closed sessions will be available in the Session Archive.

Sharing results in Excel

From the session archive, you can send the session results via an Excel file attached to a text message or email.

Athletes’ Personal Data

In the athletes’ personal data section we can add a list of people with their main characteristics. 


You can define one or more Teams by selecting the athletes who are part of that Team and assigning them the bib/number they will use during the training session (convenient when using the HiSmart system). Using Teams and athletes’ names is not indispensable (choosing a timing session without assigning a team will give the numbers used on RTPro) but it helps a lot when subsequently analysing the results.

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