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Poppo - Online Video Chat&Meet
Poppo - Online Video Chat&Meet

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Sat, Aug 6, 2022

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DOWNLOAD 11.4k Jul 2022 Worlwide
REVENUE $234.3k Jul 2022 Worlwide
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Do you want to meet new friends? Chat with someone cool? 
Poppo video, voice, making friends and chatting app to find the people who are really worth talking! All functions are prepared for chatting and making friends. 

Poppo Excellent Features:

1-on-1 Video Chat with Strangers
- Make new friends via Match game and moments.
- Random chat with strangers and make friends with real boys/girls nearby or worldwide.
- Random Match gives you a unique experience of swiping left or right to match strangers accurately and fast. 

Authenticity of Streamers Guaranteed
- It is stirctly no fake photos on live and match profile avatar, because no one wants to chat with the fraud.
- We strictly screen high-quality users.

Live Video Chat
- Watch the live stream and enjoy live videos. Tons of talented hosts offer thousands of exciting live shows every day. 
- One-touch to go live. Dancing, singing, talk show, online game, no matter what talent you have, show your skills in here! Everyone can be a star in Poppo. New beautiful stickers and filters make you cuter, more beautiful, and more confident in the live video. 
- Follow the host and get a chance to have an idea conversation outside the live room. You can also chat with friendly audiences by tapping on their icons.
- Try our PK system to challenge with Random Candidates, beat them and reward them a Pig face!!!

 A Diversity of Gifts, Fruits Game and Lucky Gifts
- We have animated gifts, festival gifts and gifts for specific events to show your adoration!
- You can have a really fun fruits game and lucky gifts system to play with your host, let your host saying hooray for you!!!

World Travel: Meet fresh faces in popular cities!
- You are so busy watching out for what is ahead of you that you forget about the present, why don't you slow down, take a rest and enjoy the journey.
- Poppo takes you to meet new people from every corner of the world, pick a famous city to make new friends.

Here you can meet another interesting soul, anonymous chatting and making friends. It will help you quickly make friends and meet interesting new friends. Everyone in Poppo is happy!
Download Poppo for finding new friends to chat with :)

Your questions and feedback are always welcome! Please drop us a line:




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1.1st Anniversary Celebration 2.User Interface optimization 3.User experience optimization 4.Performance enhancement and bug fixes.

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