FloraQuest: Carolinas, Georgia

FloraQuest: Carolinas, Georgia

University of North Carolina

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University of North Carolina
University of North Carolina's Southeastern Flora Team is pleased to present FloraQuest™: Carolinas & Georgia, a new plant identification and discovery app covering more than 5,800 wildflowers, trees, shrubs, grasses, and other vascular plants occurring in southeast part of our Flora area (North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia). 

With easy-to-use graphic keys, advanced dichotomous keys, habitat descriptions, range maps, and 20,000 diagnostic photographs, FloraQuest: Carolinas & Georgia is the perfect companion for your botanical explorations. 

You can use FloraQuest to make plant identifications in the field or learn about plants anywhere in the region. The app allows you to customize your search by state and physiographic province so you only see relevant results. FloraQuest: Carolinas & Georgia doesn't need an internet connection to run, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The app's "Great Places to Botanize" section will guide you to visit the best sites for botanical exploration throughout the 3-state region.  Do you struggle to remember complicated botanical terms? We've got you covered: click on a word you don’t know, and the definition will pop up in the app without you having to leave the page!  

Stay tuned following the release of the FloraQuest: Carolina & Georgia app, as we will be working diligently to provide similar versions for the remaining regions across the Flora of the Southeastern States, until all 25 states are covered!
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So Intuitive

Makes me feel like I’m a decent botanist! Completely changed my ID procedure for the better

Kinser1000Sat, Mar 16, 2024
United StatesUnited States

What a joyful discovery! Worth every penny.

Best app purchase I’ve made in a long time: Useful, trustworthy information with full citations and reputable sourcing (without being overwhelming to a newbie like me) Straightforward interface that informs, not distracts Full capability and access with or without internet connection (!!) No ads, no data mining, and NO SUBSCRIPTION (!!!) This has already been useful as we transition our yard to native plants. Seeing a new native plant for sale? Before, I had to spend 5-10 minutes of screen time Googling and comparing info from various websites to verify a plant’s native bona fides, figure out its ideal growing conditions, and picture its mature form. All that information is right here, immediately, powered by scholarly sources rather than crowdsourcing and/or ad revenue. 30 seconds to a confident decision: less screen time, less distraction, less decision fatigue. I can go on hikes and make new discoveries without connecting to the internet and navigating through ads, distracting rabbit holes, and dubious information. And in an environment where every little thing is a subscription, I pay just once for all this utility! Big fan.

TWSCHMIDSat, Mar 9, 2024
United StatesUnited States
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2 weeks ago
Updated Great Places to Botanize to include Georgia's geophysical provinces (Mountains, Ridge and Valley, Piedmont, and Coastal Plain).

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