Diplomacy & World Facts

Diplomacy & World Facts

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The makers of the Manual for the United States of America now bring you International Diplomacy. If you need to prepare a debate, travel abroad, or stabilize a fledgeling regime, you might gain an edge with this app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

Informative Lists:
-Nations with data about government, languages, nuclear capability, alliances and organizations
-Emissions Reduction Commitment numbers from nations as of the Kyoto Protocol
-All Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry, Economics, Literature, Medicine, Peace, Physics
-Notable World Organizations with contact information

Included Documents:
-Universal Declaration of Human Rights
-Geneva Conventions
-Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaties
-United Nations Charter
-Camp David Accords

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Please update information

I got bit worried about the information in this app when I saw the name of UN Secretary General is still Ban Ki moon. Please update the information.

diplomat123Tue, Oct 1, 2019
United StatesUnited States

Keeping updated

I do thoroughly enjoy this application. It offers a lot of useful information about countries and their relation to one another. I just wish this app would stay up to date on a consistently level where the information is up to par with the present. Other than that I have no complaints about the application.

Zade NabiSat, Aug 24, 2019
United StatesUnited States

Excellent since update

App is very good and is full of useful information. Especially, in light of what happened in France, Turkey, and England. Nice to know who is ruling. One point, know Theresa May, took over as PM, replacing David Cameron, last week. Would like another update, showing this change, and also, for any other countries who had rulers and PMs change.

eepisskiTue, Jul 19, 2016
United StatesUnited States

Great App

This is a great app but it still lists Kim Jong il as being alive

consumer87Thu, Feb 23, 2012
United StatesUnited States

Re: Nobel Price: missing crucial info

Informations without the recipient's achievement details AND the Laureate's credentials are worthless; hence a ZERO STAR for an otherwise very promising app -- please update ASAP

glennhillThu, Mar 3, 2011
United StatesUnited States


Please include the Vienna Conventions!

n_o_m_a_dWed, Sep 1, 2010
United StatesUnited States

Nobel prize

Would include the achievements for which the recipients were selected in this section. Would also include recipients of the Abel prize for mathmatics in this section.

Robb34Sat, Apr 17, 2010
United StatesUnited States
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