HVAC Pipe Sizer - Gas Low

HVAC Pipe Sizer - Gas Low

Low pressure gas pipe calcs

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Low pressure gas pipe calcs
The "HVAC Pipe Sizer - Gas Low" application allows you to quickly size a simple low pressure (less than 1.5psi) gas piping system by inputting a number of piping and gas properties.

You can specify the total gas flow in cuft/hr (CubicM/hr) and one of either pressure drop (in. wg or Pa), pipe internal diameter (inches) or gas velocity (ft/s) parameters. The results include both the exact and nominal pipe diameters and the calculated velocity and total pipe equivalent length. If you are analyzing an existing pipe system, there is an option to input the existing pipe internal diameter and one of either pressure drop or gas velocity parameters to derive the calculated gas flow and other remaining properties.

You can specify additional parameters such as the type of gas, various properties of the gas, the pipe material type, the total length of pipe, quantities for up to 11 different types of pipe fittings, and much more. You can also choose to display values in either english or metric units.

This application includes built-in pipe fitting equivalent length and nominal pipe sizing tables for a wide variety of pipe material types and diameters.

The "HVAC Pipe Sizer - Gas Low" application uses slider controls that allow you to quickly increment or decrement the input values and immediately observe the calculated results. You can also manually input exact values.

All values can be displayed in English (IP) and Metric (SI) units.

This app now includes the HVAC Equipment Locator. Click here for details: http://bit.ly/1yTq539 

This application was designed by Carmel Software Corporation, a leader in HVAC design software since 1995. In fact, Autodesk (the makers of AutoCAD) acquired our load calculation software and incorporated it into their leading 3D modeling software called Revit. 

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Lots of functionality

This app has lots of great functionality. Allows me to input gas flow then either input pressure drop, diameter, or velocity. Also, allows me to size according to diameter and pressure drop to see what the expected flow rate is. I also like how it stores all my results, so when I close it and come back to it later on, the same values are there. Very useful.

Mechengineer1000Sun, May 9, 2010
United StatesUnited States

Useful for field work

Great little app for approximating low pressure gas pipe sizes out in the field. I often go to homes to diagnose heating issues and want to make sure the gas pipes are the correct size (you won't believe how many are over or under sized). Anyway, this app helps me diagnose those issues. I highly recommend it.

LZ2124Sun, May 9, 2010
United StatesUnited States
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