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Average Face PRO

Beauty is just the Average

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Beauty is just the Average
What's the average face?
It does not mean the very normal, ordinary faces that are everywhere.
The "statistical average of faces" created by mixing several faces together is called the average face.

Psychologists say that the average face has an above average look. Really?
Find out if it's true or not with this app.

We recommend this App to the following people
• 'Not only do I want to combine two faces, but I also want to create an average face with three or more faces.'
•'I want to create a real average face, not just a superposition of photos.'
• 'Anyway, I want to make a beautiful average face.'

The official example is now available on instagram: search with the hashtag #averageface.

•Automatic identification of facial features.
•The symmetry function makes it more beautiful (or creepy?) 
•The maximum number of faces that can be averaged is 16,777,216.
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Dislike want refund

Not user friendly. Confusing . And serves no benefit to me why did i Pay for this ? I feel i should be paid for this.

Tatiana<3FrøyaTue, Jul 21, 2020
United StatesUnited States

Lies! Do not buy! Horrible! Aesthetic grid doesn’t not work!

I want my money back!! This developer lied and completely misleads buyers. I chose this app specifically for the aesthetic grid it claims you can use. Well, the only way to activate the aesthetic grid is to hold down a button. Once you release the button, the grid goes away. There is no way to save the image or take a photo with the grid on. There is no way to zoom in on the image with the grid on either. Therefore, there is really no aesthetic grid that this app claims to have. I’d like my money back please.

Dressage Rider from OregonTue, May 12, 2020
United StatesUnited States

Great app, some suggestions

I really enjoy this app. It's easy to use and hassle free. I've been trying to look for a face averager for a long time (that has the ability to average more than one face) and I am extremely pleased. However I wouldn't mind seeing a couple things in the app if it would be possible (and if they're already there, excuse me) 1. Ability to store edits to a single face picture and store them in a library of some sort for future use. So, I could use photos that are already edited with points and average them instead of having to edit the picture again. 2. Rotate picture horizontally as an option when dealing with the orientation of a picture Overall great app and thank you!

LossytckSun, Sep 21, 2014
United StatesUnited States


This app strongly prefers one face over the other. For example, if I averaged Taylor Lautner's face with Chris Allen's, it would pretty much just look like Taylor.

HannahBaileyAndersonSat, Jan 4, 2014
United StatesUnited States

Pretty good

Works fine and looks more realistic than the other apps

Wise_wolfSat, Feb 2, 2013
United StatesUnited States

Crashes on iOS 6

I purchased this app a few days ago, and tried to use it several times. When the second image is added and "Average" button is pressed, the app crashes. May be an iOS 6.0 issue - I see now where it says that it has not been tested on iOS 6 yet (although in "Requirements" it says "iOS 5.1 or later". Please fix this, as I think it is pretty cool. I will upgrade my star rating once I can use it.

TJHokieTigerThu, Oct 4, 2012
United StatesUnited States
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Fri, Sep 28, 2012
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Mon, May 6, 2024
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English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese
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Adjusted button color.

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