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CapCut - Video Editor

CapCut - Video Editor


Video maker with music

United States United States
Free (IAP)
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Fri, Dec 2, 2022


CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing app that helps you create incredible videos. 

「Easy to use」
Cut, reverse and change speed: getting it just right is easier than ever, posting only your wonderful moments.

 「High quality」
Advanced filters and flawless beauty effects open up a world of possibilities.

「Top Music Hits/Sounding incredible」
Tremendous music library and exclusive copyright songs.

「Stickers and text」
Top trending stickers and fonts let you fully express your videos.

Get creative with a range of magical effects.

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Privacy Policy —

Contact: [email protected]

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DOWNLOAD 26.9MNov 2022Worlwide
REVENUE$411KNov 2022Worlwide




The app It's really good, it really helps me to do edits for my tik tok account.

Hayami-san2Thu, Dec 1, 2022
United StatesUnited States


This the best editing app I have came across!I love how cap cut keeps adding these new features it also helps me with editing more better than I did. So thank u so much 😁

user24537Thu, Dec 1, 2022
United StatesUnited States

So cool

This app is so fun you can make anything on this app when you get to know the app it is really cool and awesome

bear randomThu, Dec 1, 2022
United StatesUnited States

very good! just one major problem

I like CapCut because it’s really good. You can edit really easily and there is SM tut on tt. But there is a problem I have with CapCut. It’s that when you text the writing is not good. I don’t rlly like the letter options or wtv you call it but yeah I think CapCut should add better font to the text thingy but that’s not rlly a problem it’s js in my opinion and it’s way to much gigabytes to download a single font and wastes my gigabytes.

dksisisisThu, Dec 1, 2022
United StatesUnited States

I hate you

I hate this app I have to be 13 to edit my videos

gdhdhshdhdjdnfhfjrhdThu, Dec 1, 2022
United StatesUnited States


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