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Care Studio

Care Studio

Supporting more proactive care

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Supporting more proactive care
Care Studio App by Google Health enables authorized clinical users to easily search a patient's record, review the most recent physician notes, view a patient's lab trends and more right from their phone.

Developed by clinicians for clinicians, Care Studio uniquely harmonizes patient information from different EHR systems into a simple, centralized view streamlining key clinician workflows, so that teams can quickly get the information they need to care for patients.

Care Studio is a medical record search engine and is designed to support clinicians in providing patient care. It displays information in response to natural language queries using a variety of data indexing, scoring, and retrieval systems.

Care Studio complements electronic health records and other clinical decision support tools implemented by provider organization. It is only available for use by authorized representatives of organizations that license Care Studio and that have been assigned a login by the organization's administrator.

Care Studio is designed to adhere to industry-wide regulations, including HIPAA. Our contracts and applicable law allow us to use the data only to provide Care Studio services as defined in the business associate agreement (BAA). Google does not own, nor do we ever sell patient data. Data from Care Studio cannot be used for advertising. User data is not connected to data from other Google apps. When collected, it is used to support HIPAA compliance, including ensuring access controls and audits.
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bynyvyWed, Nov 16, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Clinicians only app with Google work accounts

I honestly can’t give it a star rating because I can’t use it. You need a Google work account and I assume must be directed to download this app. For me, it says, “You need permission to access Care Studio.” Why did I bother downloading? Because I use a lot of Google products and find them harmonious. I’m writing this review so people don’t download this app needlessly. If you haven’t heard of it at work, don’t bother. I’m not praising nor disparaging this application. According to their site, Google Health:, Care Studio is clinical software to unify healthcare data and helps clinicians spend more time caring for their patients. Bringing an integrated view of patient records to clinicians. The Care Studio mobile app makes it easy to find important information before seeing a new patient, or quickly check in on a patient’s progress. It helps clinicians easily search a patient’s record, review the most recent physician notes, view a patient’s lab trends and more right from their phone. P.S. It didn’t let me send my review (non-review) without a star rating. If I recall correctly, it had a 3.3 rating with 4-5 votes. I’m giving it an arbitrary 5-star rating to try to balance votes given because the app isn’t working for non-clinicians and a lay person such as myself may have downloaded it to track their own health.

ecin GatorSun, Apr 3, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Search and find more bad health data than ever before!

Typical Google… totally off track when it comes to healthcare. Stick to advertising please.

Al-11122Mon, Mar 28, 2022
United StatesUnited States
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