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Now&Me: Self Improvement App

Chat with Community & Experts

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Chat with Community & Experts
Now&Me — the social guide to your twenties. Life's tough and stressful; figuring out adulthood is tougher. We are here to take that pressure off with our experts:
- Certified Life Coaches
- Therapists
- Psychologists
- Relationship Experts
- Career Consultants
- Peer Counsellors
& more…

Log onto Now&Me to connect to a professional of your choice & start talking within seconds. Your first expert chat is FREE!

- Chat with experts & get instant advice
- Comment, engage & react on the community feed for FREE
- Build connections with like-minded community members
- Get free Daily positivity & reminders to your phone
- Self-care tools to track your emotions and manage stress

- Recharge your Now&Me wallet & start a chat with any Now&Me Expert of your choice
- Text or send voicenotes to ask as many questions as you want & gain insight into all matters of life and reduce stress
- Now&Me expert are always online 24/7 & by your side
- Get a 1-on-1 chat & receive personalised advice & support

- RELATIONSHIPS - Whether it’s romantic, platonic, or familial relationships you need advice with, Now&Me experts are capable
  - How can I find a good partner?
  - How do I recover from a breakup?
  - How to leave toxic friends?
  - How to ask parents for privacy?

- CAREER - If you need help in navigating your professional life, let our experts help you with questions such as
  - What is the right career path for me?
  - How do I develop my career further?
  - How can I strike a work-life balance?
  - How do I feel less stressed in life?

- ACADEMICS - Being bogged down by academic stress isn’t pleasant for anyone, so reach out for help if you need it
  - How can I get better at studies?
  - Which stream is best for me?
  - How to deal with exam stress? 	

- SELF - The person you spend the most time with is yourself, which is why it is so important to work on yourself
  - How do I increase my confidence?
  - Why is my self-esteem so low?
  - What is my greater purpose?
  - How do I improve myself?

- EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE - With the help of our experts, you can develop emotional intelligence skills to help you regulate your own emotions & deal effectively with others
  - How do I manage my emotions?
  - How to communicate clearly without arguing
  - What is a practical way to increase empathy?

- MINDSET - If you want to change the way you view & interact with the world, let our experts help you
  - How do I stop others’ opinions from affecting me?
  - Am I holding myself back?
  - Why do I have limiting beliefs?
  - How to stop procrastinating?
  - How do I stop taking too much pressure and stress?

- LOSS & GRIEF - Bereavement is a natural part of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to face it alone
  - How to accept the death of a loved one
  - Dealing with the sadness of losing someone
  - Finding the strength to move on without them

A FREE BONUS when you take an expert session – Find comfort, compassion, & comradery
- Interesting conversations with supportive strangers who genuinely care 
- Meaningful community discussions about different topics such as self love, mental health, relationships, & more!
- Comment, react, or simply lurk! 
- Build personal connections of empathy with people like you 
- Help a stranger with our Now&Me message bot by your side!
- Be your real authentic self & express your feelings in a judgement-free zone
- Instantly switch to anonymous posting & vent freely!

Our mission is to help you find solutions to your problems & become more self-aware & self-reliant. On Now&Me you can:
- Track your emotions
- Receive personalised self-help recommendations
- Use our introspection prompts to understand yourself better 
- Receive daily positivity & reminders that add a burst of motivation to your life
- Get a new wallpaper every day designed by us with love!
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I’ve had a lot of pent up stuff

It felt so good to just tell everyone while also telling no one. No one is worried. No one can interfere. Just what I needed

Noodles are gooodThu, Nov 10, 2022
United StatesUnited States

5 Stars

i have used this so much and the people are super nice i would recommend this to anyone

blah1234_blah4321Mon, Aug 8, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Completely Unusable

First, I was unable to create the username I wanted because it contained underscores _ even though the error message that popped up claimed I could use them. Then, when I tried to update my profile, every time I tapped on "save" I would get an error saying it was unable to save. Then, when I tried to make a post, "Post" was greyed out and I was unable to do so. Same thing on that other page where you can post something. "Next" was greyed out. The app is completely unusable.

ktgileadMon, Jan 31, 2022
United StatesUnited States


Can’t even get a verification text. Broken ?

SucksbadbadbaaadSun, Jan 30, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Can’t post anything

Wrote an entire post and can’t even post it 😭 searching high and low for what the issue is and I can’t seem to find it.

littledevySun, Jan 30, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Can’t post a response.

Love it I feel way calmer expressing how I feel it’s a big help. But for some reason I can’t post a response on others when I’m trying to give advice to them. Please help

maid_genosSun, Jan 9, 2022
United StatesUnited States


It took a lot to even write about what I felt & what I’m going through and to not be able to post it: get feedback/support. Do not recommend

lunatic1019Fri, Dec 31, 2021
United StatesUnited States
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Our panel of experts are here to guide you through life - be it your career, academics, relationships with others and yourself, self-care, anxiety, stress, or grief. Receive advice from certified life coaches, therapists, psychologists, relationship experts, career consultants and peer counsellors.
Your first expert chat is on us because we believe self-care should never come with a big price tag.

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