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TWITCH ON DEMAND is not just another workout-app! It will support you to reach your health goals and gives access to health and exercise anytime, anywhere  - at work, at home, indoors and outdoors! 

The app aims to develop your health at your own pace and level. Through the app you will get easy access to workouts and programs, from mindfulness and office mobility for the home office to high-intensity strength and cardio sessions.

Follow programs, track progression, boost your friends and join social groups for inspiration. The app also offers lectures in home-ergonomics, recovery, physical activity etc.

For safe and efficient health development the content is created by health academics. 

TWITCH ON DEMAND app features:

ACTIVITY LOG: Log your health activities manually or sync with other apps to stay active and increase activity. Connect to Apple Health and log your weight and steps. Set goals and track your progression over time. 
WORKOUTS: Easy acces to complete step-by-step workouts with instructions and video. The app offers strength, cardio, mindfulness, mobility, paus-exercises etc. You can also follow instructor led continuous workouts in the app. 
BOOTCAMPS AND PROGRAMS: Bootcamps and Programs are typically 4-12 weeks and provides you with daily tasks and workouts in in the app. The bootcamps and programs have different focus and levels such as strength or cardio for beginners, intermediate or advanced, home ergonomics, injury prevention etc. 

For specific interests the app offers bootcamps and programs for xc-skiing, running, cycling etc. Programs will pop into your calendar and starts whenever you want. Different bootcamps occur from time to time. Watch out for fun and challenging bootcamps in the app.

CHALLENGES: join a team based corporate challenge organized by your workplace wellness partner, Twitch Health. Collect points for healthy choices, contribute to your team and improve your ranking. 

OUTDOOR ACTIVITY: keep track of your outdoor activities directly via the app by synchronising with other applications such as Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Runkeeper etc.

SOCIAL GROUPS: Create or join social groups in order to boost your friends, get inspired and supported.

HEALTH COACH CHAT: The app offers health coach contact through the in app message service.

PT-ONLINE: If you need more support or have higher ambitions the app offers PT-Online service. Sign up in-app to get your individually composed training program and the support from one of our academically educated PT’s.
LECTURES: Watch our lectures in ergonomics, physical activity, behaviour change etc.
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Spring milen under 45 minuter!
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