The Wonder Weeks - Back To You

The Wonder Weeks - Back To You

Recover after giving birth

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Recover after giving birth
Recover after your pregnancy – physically and mentally – supported by the world’s best experts. A complete recovery program for every woman who has had a baby. 

You have so much to deal with now you have a baby… so much has changed from your body to your mind, and you deserve the very best support with that. Personalized for you because every postpartum recovery is unique. 
With The Wonder Weeks! - Back To You, together we are going to completely recover after the delivery in nine months, step by step: fully, physically, and mentally and based on science. 

Together we are going to help your belly muscles to recover, work on your hormonal balance, and ensure that you can handle motherhood, mentally and physically, and enjoy it. And .... we will also help that incontinence and problems with sex as well. Regain your mental balance in your new role as a mother. Discover your source of self-confidence. All the things to get you Back To You after the pregnancy.  

You can try out the first seven days for free. Ranging from workouts to tips to self-tests. 

A fully personalized postpartum recovery program 
- Insights & tips from the world’s most renowned experts. Ranging from gynecologists to hormone experts and pelvic floor experts to sexologists. 
- Personalized low to high impact mommy-proof workouts aimed at a healthy and effective recovery, no matter how you gave birth. 
- Work on those parts that are important to YOUR unique recovery: your hormone balance, your nutrition, your sleep behavior, your posture, your breathing and much more. 
- Self-tests: Gain unique insights into the residual effects of your pregnancy on your body and mind. 
- Special attention to your pelvic floor with the Mommy-proof BTY Kegel exercises: learn to relax, train, and maintain the muscles. This means, no incontinence and no sexual discomfort. 
- All about the impact of nutrition, rest & relaxation, and posture & breathing on your recovery. 

Safe for every woman after the delivery: no matter how you gave birth. 
- Whether you just gave birth or gave birth some time ago
- Safe to start during the first days after the birth  
- Safe after a cesarean section or vaginal delivery 
- It is never too late for a diastasis or prolapse to recover!
- Not a quick fix workout program, but genuine long-term recovery.

From pregnant to fit mom in body, mind, and spirit. The Wonder Weeks! wishes you and your baby a wonderful leap in life with this recovery program after pregnancy and the delivery.
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Unusable for those who are hard of hearing.

WorkingClassHero1984Mon, Jul 3, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Overpriced, no refund

I found the information not useful as there was no way to tailor it to my specific situation. Couldn’t figure out how to cancel and wrote to their help desk before the deadline… they wrote to me after the deadline and said I now could not cancel since I had missed the deadline! $30 for an app I don’t need. Skip downloading this and see an in-person physical therapist after giving birth

platanos1234Fri, May 26, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Waste of money if you didn’t just give birth

I love the concept, but if you’re already even a couple months postpartum, it’s not helpful. It looks great in the first week, but then nothing changes for three weeks at a time, and it’s only an 18 week program. Buy a gym membership instead if you’ve got money to burn and look up some stretches on Pinterest.

thebrittanatorSun, Mar 26, 2023
United StatesUnited States

1 star for existing - 🤞 it improves

I work with startups and am a first time mom as of 9/1/2021. My birth and PP recovery was traumatic and lonely. There was SO much info for pregnancy and then for baby - “Wonder Weeks”, What to Expect”, “Huckleberry”, “Expecting Better” etc but data supported and tracked PP information was virtually non existent. I had to dig through forums, text friends of friends, mine podcasts like “The Longest Shortest Time”. The closest thing I found to a reflection of reality in the media came from Netflix’s “The Let Down”. All this to say, I was dreaming up an app like WW or Huckleberry for PP and found that you WERE working on something and here it is. I was excited. Unfortunately it was a let down. And not the good-to-latch-onto kind (Mom pun intended). Without warning a video started playing - a terrible function for people who probably JUST got a baby to shut its eyes. This didn’t make me want to try the free trial. Who ran the beta testing? What research is being used? I would LOVE to help grow this concept. Right now it feels like a somewhat out of touch self help app still WAY to hung up on mommy *bouncing back* than the support system - maybe even lifeline it could be. Please tell me who I can chat with. I’m US based. SF/Silicon Valley. I’m not a VC but I truly want to help. I’ve even followed your LinkedIn in hopes your expanding the team. I’m a huge advocate now for PP people and THIS app is SO needed. There’s a huge hole in the market, but as it stands, this app can’t fill it.

EccentricproductionsTue, Jan 3, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Can’t choose due date.

The calendar won’t let me choose my due date. It keeps reverting back to todays date.

howtoseSat, Dec 24, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Glitchy with bad UX

The information shared in this app feels unreliable and doesn't link to studies or research its suggestions are based on. Poor UX makes scrolling through the different cards confusing about which is meant for your current stage. I'm also unsure why my delivery date was over two weeks ago but the app seems stuck on Week 1 features. Finally, when I tried to elevate this question to cuatomer service within the app, I was simply met with a dead end error message.

mootilldawnThu, May 26, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Not a good app at all

When you use The Wonder Weeks app and see that there is an app for postpartum recovery you get very excited. However, unfortunately unlike The Wonder Weeks app this app has so many flaws. Although I have completed numerous workouts throughout the week even more than the three required none of them have been marked down and even though it’s been over a week the app still thinks that I am on week one. I also began my journey eight months postpartum with this app. Instead of asking or putting a questionnaire to see where I am physically for this app it’s immediately assuming I just had a baby yesterday. So all of the work that I have already done I’m being set back in time. For an app that is as expensive as it is expected to perform very well and to be tailored to me and not just a blanket app for all people. I definitely do not recommend paying for this app whatsoever. Download a Sweat app or look up Megsquats and buy her postpartum recovery program.

honeybunny10pFri, Apr 29, 2022
United StatesUnited States
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11 months ago
Thanks to your feedback, we were able to make several improvements to the app. On behalf of recovering moms everywhere, thanks!
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