The Wonder Weeks - Audiobook

The Wonder Weeks - Audiobook

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This is the AUDIOBOOK version of the book ’The Wonder Weeks', this is not the regular APP! ! 

-	Learn everything about the mental development of your baby HANDS-FREE! 
-	Contains all INFORMATION from the famous WonderWeeks book
(Slight differences with the printed book for recording purposes)

Audiobook of—The worldwide bestseller and multiple award winning—The Wonder Weeks. How to stimulate your baby's mental development and help him turn his 10 predictable, great, fussy phases into magical leaps forward describes the incredible mental developmental changes (leaps) and regression periods that all babies go through. Understanding the real reason behind crying, eating and sleeping problems is the only real solution every parent needs. The Wonder Weeks reveals what’s going on inside baby’s mind.

The audio-book includes:
•	Week-by-week guide to baby's behavior
•	When to expect the fussy behavior, what this implies (cranky, clingy, crying (the three C's) behavior) and how to deal with these regression periods (leaps)
•	A description from your baby's perspective of the world around him and how you can understand the changes he's going through
•	Fun games and gentle activities you can do with your child

The audio book is based on the scientific- and parental-world-changing discovery of a phenomenon: all normal, healthy babies appear to be more fussy at very nearly the same ages, regression periods, and sleep less in these phases.

These age-related fluctuations in need for body contact and attention (regression periods) are related to major and quite dramatic changes in the brains of the children. These changes enable a baby to enter a whole new perceptual world and, as a consequence, to learn many new skills. This should be a reason for celebration, but as far as the baby is concerned these changes are bewildering. He's taken aback—everything has changed overnight. It is as if he has woken up on a strange planet. He needs you to guide him and understand what he is going through! Get ready to rediscover the world all over again with your baby…
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Seems fine; where is the speed setting

How can there be an audiobook in this day and age that doesn’t let you listen at different speeds?

GooozzWed, Dec 30, 2020
United StatesUnited States

Mind numbingly repetitive

Listening to this made me think of a high school student trying to stretch a paragraph into a five page paper. Even our 11 year old daughter couldn’t believe how repetitive this was. Look, we own and like the book, and our family was looking for a way to listen to it while we painted our new nursery on a Sunday afternoon. This is like an awful advertisement that you have to pay for to suffer through. We were very disappointed, and I regret purchasing this. Wish I could undo...

AlsojeffTue, May 28, 2019
United StatesUnited States

Terrible app with no support

I bought this app yesterday and tried to download the first chapter and the app froze with “error”. I re-downloaded it again and it froze again. Today, same story. I have no way to obtain refund or support. Don’t buy! I will update my review based on the progress if they make any.

Cindy NasarThu, Feb 7, 2019
United StatesUnited States

Needs Updated Functionality

I love listening to audiobooks or podcasts and this was especially great while nursing! I got the app after my first baby and found it really helpful at a time when I was looking for some guidance and help. Reading books just wasn't in the cards for me in the first months but I was interested in the content! And the additional reading pieces provided on each leap are so helpful and a great bonus. They're something you can go back to and reference without having to listen to a whole chapter again. Here are my hang ups and reasons for three stars (which have everything to do with the app functionality and not the content). I give the content five stars and really appreciate it being accessible this way, but there are some pretty basic improvements that should be made! First, if you pause and your phone locks, the player does not go back to where you left off. So you'll want to take note of where you are when you pause if you're not able to listen to a whole chapter in one go. Second, you download the chapters as needed, but you can't remove them from your phone without uninstalling the app and the re-downloading it. Third, once you finish a chapter, the player automatically starts playing the intro (which I still have downloaded because I don't want to take the time uninstall the app and re-download as mentioned above). I think the audio should just stop after a chapter is finished! Lastly, for whatever reason I am not able to listen to the chapters through my car stereo like I'm able to listen to music. Now that I'm back at work I'd like to listen during my commute, but when I plug the cord in it doesn't work.

ColoMammaCThu, May 25, 2017
United StatesUnited States

Complete audiobook for cheap!

The $3 pays for the entire book. You can download the chapters, delete and redownload when you want so you can save space on your phone. Maybe they changed it due to earlier complaints.

Arkady*Mon, Feb 27, 2017
United StatesUnited States

What a rip off!

I paid for this thinking I paid and it's done. No! You pay $.99 to hear a stupid intro and get the first chapter. You have to pay $.99 FOR EACH CHAPTER after that, totaling another $10!! Do not get. So mad.

mylifewithoutbaconFri, Sep 2, 2016
United StatesUnited States
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