Pregnancy & Postpartum Workout

Pregnancy & Postpartum Workout

Yoga Exercises. Diet Food Plan

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Yoga Exercises. Diet Food Plan
"MomsLab" - learn more about nutrition, yoga, fitness and training for pregnant women. Achieve your ideal form and body after childbirth.

"MomsLab" contains special programs for all women, as well as pregnant women, aimed at preparing for childbirth, and courses for mothers on maternity leave, aimed at recovery after childbirth. Classes are online, and you can do prenatal yoga or postpartum workouts at home.

Choose the right program:

1) Course "Comfortable pregnancy" - all the best that you can learn in courses for pregnant women in order to conduct a comprehensive preparation for childbirth:
- Home yoga for pregnant women and cardio yoga
- Fitness for pregnant women and classes for 1,2,3 trimester
- Kegel exercises and complex workouts for pregnant women
- Breathing exercises during childbirth and physical preparation for childbirth
- Psychoprophylactic preparation and meditation
- Diet during pregnancy and meal plans for pregnant women

2) Course "Recovery" is a course for young mothers. The program is designed for 12 weeks and is aimed at the recovery and weight loss of young mothers after childbirth. Losing weight after childbirth will be easy!
What is included in the program:
- Yoga classes of different durations, activity types, and exercises for the pelvic floor muscles in order to know that there are not only Kegel exercises after childbirth
- Pilates to recover the abdomen and exercises for the waist to solve the issue of how to reduce the belly fat after childbirth
- Yoga exercises for the whole body for a comprehensive recovery of the figure after childbirth
- Fitness and cardio as ideal postpartum recovery exercises
- Home SPA procedures for comfortable psychological recovery after childbirth

3) The program "Ideal weight" - we take control of nutrition! We try to smooth out the belly, leave such a result as a thin waist and instill a healthy diet for mom after childbirth.
Simple fasting with weight loss will not help you lose weight beautifully and reduce your stomach. Therefore, we remove severe restrictions while maintaining a healthy balance, give recommendations on nutrition for pregnant women, build a mom’s menu after childbirth, and answer important questions - diet during pregnancy and mom’s diet after childbirth - is it necessary or not?
What is included in the program:
- Personal nutrition plan with simple recipes: what kind of diet should be for pregnant women; how to build nutrition for a pregnant woman in the first trimester and beyond; what to eat for mom after childbirth; how to establish proper nutrition after childbirth for a nursing mother
- Adjustment for goals: gain, hold or lose weight
- Nutrition for a pregnant woman and nutrition after childbirth: automatic calculation of calories, proteins, fat or carbohydrates, nutritional recommendations
- Podcasts and lectures on conscious eating: psychoprophylactic work and valuable recommendations from experts
- Ability to connect options with your activity level: yoga for pregnant women, workouts for pregnant women or young mothers
- Mindfulness at home: breathing practices, meditations and mindful eating techniques are suitable even for beginners
The program is designed for different women:
— Rational nutrition of pregnant women: an individual approach takes into account the trimester of pregnancy when calculating calories and useful micronutrients in food.
- Mom's nutrition after childbirth: we will learn about the nutrition diary, answer questions about breastfeeding and care, discuss how to lose weight after childbirth for a nursing mother, combine proper nutrition and weight loss
Remember - the diet during pregnancy and the diet of the mother after childbirth are different from the diet of a woman who simply wants to reduce her belly fat or lose weight quickly. Take care of your health!

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Save your money

If you are an English speaker, the voice over the yoga videos is very robotic, not soothing at all. The content is repetitive and there are better videos that I have watched on Instagram. After 2 days of having this app I am requesting a refund.

Newmom2468Sun, Jun 11, 2023
United StatesUnited States

All features need pregnancy mode

If you’re going to market to pregnant people and have nutrition plans and checkins you need to have a pregnancy mode for weight. I shouldn’t need to calculate how much weight I need to lose while I’m still pregnant as part of a third trimester plan. It’s not going to give accurate information about what to eat and it’s a liability to have pregnant people using this part of the app in the form it’s in. At minimum, completing sections that require entering information about weight goals shouldn’t be part of the daily checklist for people on a pregnancy plan.

Late monsterTue, Dec 20, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Best pregnancy app

Thank you for creating such an outstanding childbirth preparation course! The exercises and asanas for the back I learned to practice using this app helped me build a strong foundation for my critical moments during pregnancy and then in labor. The women’s backs are in pain all the time, let alone when they are pregnant. Hence, I am super grateful for the activities and asanas you taught me to relax and release my back muscles. Now, as a happy mom who has experienced the wonders of the childbirth preparation course, I am taking a postpartum recovery course! That is exactly what I need right now. It feels like the course author is reading my mind. If you still have doubts about what app to choose to help you with your childbirth and pregnancy, no need to search any further. MomsLab is the optimal choice! 🌷

Inna HoustonMon, Aug 22, 2022
United StatesUnited States


My 12-week postpartum recovery program is over! I started it exactly 3 months after giving birth. Words fail me to describe how thrilled and amazed I am after using this app. They say a baby needs routines and predictability. I agree with that 100%. However, a routine and plan of action are also necessary for a new mom! It feels like a huge load off my shoulders to have everything figured out, planned, and scheduled! Many thanks to the team! Now looking in the mirror is an absolute pleasure. My shape has almost returned to the one I had pre-pregnancy. After 12 weeks of taking the program, I have changed my approach to physical activity! It turns out that for a beautiful body, you don't have to have insane workouts. You can work your body out gently and moderately and have fabulous results! I feel so energized after each workout and have no exhaustion at all! The key to success is practicing every day. Using recommendations from psychologists and coaches, I started to love myself without feeling guilty. Self-care is never selfish. It is sacred. That is my biggest takeaway from this course. Within the first 6 weeks of the program, eating healthy has become a habit. As a result, I have lost 13 lbs! The best thing you can do for yourself is to purchase the MomsLab subscription and choose the course which fits your needs! Using MomsLab, I overcome the fear of not getting back into shape after birth! The results I am seeing and experiencing are so unbelievably amazing, that I am definitely extending my postpartum recovery program, and … what is even more exciting, I am getting ready for my next pregnancy with MomsLab for sure! ❤️ Thank you so much for such a wonderful program!

Tetiana MCSat, Aug 20, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Замечательное приложение для женщин в положении!

Замечательное приложение для женщин в положении, тем, кто уже родил для восстановления, и просто для женщин в общем! Я очень довольна, что я нашла эту программу! это дает невероятную мотивацию на здоровый образ жизни. Йога, занятия, дыхание, медитация, питание, вопросы к специалистам – все там есть. Огромное количество материала для изучения, и все что нужно для подготовки к беременности, для беременных, а также для восстановления. Да и для просто поддержания себя в хорошей форме и Замечательном здоровье. Главное - не лениться. И ещё раз подчеркну, очень хорошая поддержка специалистов. Я сейчас прохожу программу для беременных; но я очень была бы Рада (и рекомендую своим подругам) начинать проходить программу для подготовки к беременности и далее. Я бы была бы ещё более счастлива, если бы узнала про это приложение на несколько месяцев раньше. И спасибо огромное Ксении и ее команде за создание всего этого Приложения!

Dasha/ДашаSun, Nov 28, 2021
United StatesUnited States

Ни одного бесплатного занятия !

Внешне приятное приложение, но нет возможности попробовать контент, а это не радует.

LinaEvilWed, Jul 21, 2021
United StatesUnited States

Наконец-то дождалась!

С нетерпением ждала приложения, до этого занималась по программе на сайте. Мне вообще нравится системный подход Ксении, с удовольствием читаю и ее Инстаграм. И приложение не разочаровало! Здесь и питание, рецепты, калькулятор калорий, тренировки, статьи, советы, медитации и подкасты. Информации очень много 😍 Особенно удобно то что тренировки можно добавить в избранное, и сразу иметь к ним доступ. А можно даже сохранить в приложении, если нет доступа к интернету.

YulieKThu, Jan 28, 2021
United StatesUnited States
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