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Recipes & personal nutrition
**Introducing the brand new Pick Up Limes App**

Dive into plant-based eating with a vast collection of delicious, easy, and nourishing recipes. Enhance your culinary skills and embrace a wholesome lifestyle, enjoying personalized meal plans right at your fingertips.

**Main features include**

- 900+ recipes with fresh ones added every weekday.
- Step-by-step instructions and vibrant photos to help you become a more confident chef.
- Unlimited personalized meal plans tailored to your age, weight, height, gender, and activity level.
- Plan and track your nourishment with our unique Nourish method, a number-free food guideline, made specifically for plant-based eaters.
- Add your own recipes and let the app calculate their nutrition content.
- Easily make grocery lists, optimized for stress-free shopping.
- Build a personal collection of your favorite recipes by saving and liking them.

Crafted by an amazing team, supported by dietitians including Sadia, our recipes are nutritious, balanced, and delicious. We focus on **Nourishing the Cells & the Soul** by eating wholesome foods, while also tuning into our hunger cues and cravings. Features that make cooking with this app easy include:

- Effortless search and filtering.
- Scale recipes to accommodate parties of any size.
- Clear instructions with photos, cross-out features, and personal notes.
- Engage in recipe discussions for tips and support.
- Discover ingredient substitutions and ideal recipe pairings.
- Comprehensive nutrient info is displayed in a way to avoid triggering disordered eating.
- Instantly add recipes to your grocery list and weekly meal plan.

Introducing the Nourish Method, a unique plant-based food guideline that helps you make balanced choices. Developed with dietitians and backed by research, you'll meet your nutrition goals by following this method. But don’t take our word for it, try and see it for yourself. How this app helps to nourish yourself.

- Recipes are broken down into food groups to help you make balanced choices.
- Learn about each food group and get recommendations to boost your intake.
- Generate personalized meal plans that meet your nutrition needs based on your age, weight, height, gender, and activity level.
- Add your own food items and recipes to fully personalize your planning & tracking experience.
- Get in-depth nutrition analyses of the plans you create.
- Personalize your nutrition goals if you have specific needs or if you just want to get nitty-gritty.
- Quickly navigate between the days of the week, and copy and paste your plans for repeated use.
- Swiftly add plans to your grocery list.

Try out the app for free for the first 7 days. After that, continue with a monthly or annual subscription.

Join us in the Pick Up Limes App!

With love,

Sadia and the Pick Up Limes team.

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Fantastic App

The photography is absolutely stunning! I’d love it even if it didn’t have fantastic recipes - but it does! Great instructions and I love the feature to select the number of servings. Love this!

Sewbusy17Sun, May 12, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Beautiful Plant 🌱 Based App

This app has the most beautiful interface and pictures. The food is delicious and you can leave comments and questions. The directions and flow of the app is the best I have ever seen. Even if you are not vegan and want to add more healthier foods you will love it.

Marie Smith 100Mon, May 6, 2024
United StatesUnited States

The only app I have ever purchased!

This app is a dream come true! Not only does it provide an abundant amount of delectable recipes, they’re actually good for you too! It’s my go-to app whenever I want to change things up and try a new recipe or a different cuisine. It’s extremely user friendly with clear step by step instructions on how to make each recipe. I love everything about it and I appreciate all the hard work that’s being put into making this app better and better everyday. I would recommend this app any day with no hesitation.

Sanooda GSun, May 5, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Coming from a professional chef - worth every penny!

I’m used to be a professional chef and I recently turned vegan. Meal planning can be a pain especially if you’re cooking for one like me. I used to default to eating out a lot. Ever since I downloaded PUL, it’s made my life so easy! I no longer dread cooking for myself. If I’m craving something or looking to cook with a specific ingredient, I just search this app. I LOVE how easy it is to follow recipes by looking at the pictures. The little notes for substitutions are perfect! I can save recipes for later and every recipe I’ve tried is so mouthwatering good! I use PUL almost every day now and I’ve drastically cut back on eating takeout. Thanks for creating this app!! It’s saved me a lot of time and money!! ❤️

meghamenonSat, Apr 27, 2024
United StatesUnited States


A beautiful app with lots of healthy recipes

baddddd appppSat, Apr 27, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Just started using it

Love that this contains the nutritional info too. Super helpful

PandaRambleMon, Apr 22, 2024
United StatesUnited States

I love this app so much

This app is fantastic!!! As someone with ADHD and executive dysfunction, this has been a game changer for me. I have tried so many new recipes since downloading and it helps me so much with staying organized and reducing food waste and impulse buys. The app makes everything so convenient, and meal planning doesn’t feel so overwhelming. I don’t forget things from the grocery store because of the way the grocery lists are set up, and it’s so much easier to follow recipes with the « make » feature that they have. Coming from a rocky past relationship with food, I seriously love that you can hide calories and macros. Thanks for the great app, I’m so happy to have found it 😊

Clara GlowfishMon, Apr 22, 2024
United StatesUnited States
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1 month ago
Recipe collections are here! You'll find a bunch of newly created collections in the app, and you can now finally revisit our previously launched collections & menus. This version also fixes several minor bugs for an even smoother experience.
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