HydroMate: Water reminder

HydroMate: Water reminder

Way to hydration routine

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Way to hydration routine
The best water tracker app that reminds and records your water consumption journey hence making you healthy and bright By SRRM ( SET, REMIND, RECORD, MAINTAIN) formula. 
On top of that, our app is free. All you have to do is schedule your water routine. Then, it will automatically aim to maintain your body water balance by sending reminders and recording your water consumption journey.

How does it work?
Put your weight so the app will help you to decide the exact amount of water you should consume.
Set your water goal and you can adjust the water goal based on your requirements to feel great and healthy.

Set your sleep cycle so you receive reminders only when you awake and do your daily activities to stay hydrated.

Add your drinks( water, tea, coffee, milk, beverages, etc.) properly to record your water consumption journey.  

Create a schedule and start the reminder clock tik tok. 

Main features:

1. User friendly interface
2. Based on the weight it will suggest to you the exact amount of water you should consume as well as allow you to set your own water goal as per your requirements.
3. Smart reminder- Allow you to create your sleep cycle so you won't receive reminders while sleeping. 
4. There is a wide range of drinks you can add.
5. Smart recorder to record your water consumption journey by week, month 
5. Captivating graphics to insist you drink more
6. Exciting reward to encourage you to drink more. 

With a wide range of advantages of drinking water for instance striking out healthy issues, weight loss, glowy skin, and boosting energy-  our water tracker app is a must-have app. We can bet you that our app will be your fast friend in your water consumption journey. This app will ultimately help you to be as fit as a fiddle by growing a healthy water routine. 
What is stopping you now? Push the download button while having a sip. And if you find this useful don't forget to share it with your friends, and family members, and also let us know if you have any suggestions. Oh! Don't forget to try our Beebloom app to be as right as rain. Happy Sipping.
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