Fitrofy weight loss,health app

Fitrofy weight loss,health app

Calorie counter fitness app

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Calorie counter fitness app
‘SmartDiet Planner’, a faster way to fat loss helps you to plan a diet with its AI personalised diet plan for lifelong weight loss.

 Smart diet planner app is integrated with HealthKit to track the steps and calories. All activity related information is based on HealthKit data only

 Advised by the top nutritionists, it helps you discover healthy recipes with planned calories and nutrients so you can lead a better lifestyle.

Weight management & adopting a healthy life has been made simple now. We scientifically compute the calories needed by you based on your Gender/ Height / Age / Weight & your lifestyle. Our application then creates a personalised guidelines for your meal plan, which fits into the calories and nutrients needed by you. Best thing is that the diet plan is based on food items which you like to eat. 

You will no longer be required to enter data in a food calorie counter as it computes the calories and nutrients counts as soon as you put the food that you are about to eat. Now, make smart food choices to eat healthy with our nutrition tracker. Opt a faster way to fat loss & get fat to fit with SmartDiet Planner to track calories for healthy living & be the healthiest you. 

Well, no more need to use an old food calorie counter for computing calories to lose weight. Our food calorie counter helps track calories & assist you plan your daily calorie intake for your change from fat to fit. SmartDiet Planner assists you on your healthy living consuming healthy food sufficing on your nutritional needs. 

Start intermittent fasting with our fasting tracker, follow our meal plan for eating well & expect a good decrease in weight with an increase in energy levels & brain function. 

Top Features

Adopt a healthy lifestyle with a personal diet plan guidelines to build immunity & achieve health and fitness goals. ‘SmartDiet Planner’ creates a nutrition diet chart based on health data, BMI, & diet choices anytime, anywhere.
No need to log meals with a food calorie counter for weight loss. We recommend the meal plan based on a database of Indian foods which we normally eat at home most of the time & prefer to eat healthy. 
View your health data and fat loss progress and daily calories at a glance. 
The meal planner for weight loss breaks down the meal plan in terms of nutrition intake with accurate macro-nutrient mapping. The meal planner also breaks down the meal plan in terms of distribution of calories in the day aligned to the Circadian cycle which is a scientific & well researched way of losing weight. 
Now, start with intermittent fasting, use a fasting tracker to eating well with the health app to lose weight for healthy living. You can alter the meal plan by choosing what you want to eat from a long list of healthy choices which are aligned to your tastes & habits. The moment you select an item we recompute the calories & nutrients with our food calorie tracker & nutrition tracker & do calories distribution in the day. If in case any of these is out of range then we notify the same. Track calories, eat healthy food for healthy living. Follow our diet plan to see the healthiest you. 
It lets you easily manage dietary health conditions as well. So besides weight reduction, we also focus on taking care of your lifestyle ailments. 
Get a list of key habits & use intermittent fasting tracker which helps you adopt a better way of life. Habits are a key foundation to lose weight. 
From our blog & FAQ section, you can find answers to your numerous questions related to eating well so as to attain your health and fitness goals & discover the healthiest you. 

Use our meal planner for a faster way to weight loss & make your fitness journey easy like a breeze. Start your journey today with the best nutrition tracker. 

Do Weight Loss with our unique meal planner.
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Simple superb

Angela Gibson.Fri, Apr 8, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Good job

Fintech app

Benjamin Cameron.Thu, Apr 7, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Love the app

Best services

Jake Cornish.Wed, Apr 6, 2022
United StatesUnited States

I love this

Liked the overall offering of this app for my diet recommendations

Piers MathisTue, Apr 5, 2022
United StatesUnited States


Awesome app for diet planning to reduce weight

Joshua HardacreMon, Apr 4, 2022
United StatesUnited States


Diet recommendations are good and easy to follow

Emily Butler.Sun, Apr 3, 2022
United StatesUnited States


I had reduced my weight with keto, now I am using it to maintain weight

Una DavidsonFri, Apr 1, 2022
United StatesUnited States
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