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AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch

AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch


Auto Sleep Tracker & Alarm

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Mon, Oct 24, 2022


Automatically track your sleep from your Apple Watch*. No buttons to press. Even the Watch app is optional! Just sleep!

Total Privacy.
AutoSleep has no user analytics tracking. No advertising plugins. No 3rd party code. No data upload.
Ask your "free" sleep app if they can say the same.

Everything Included.
No extra In App Purchases. No subscriptions. 

Apple Sleep Stages
Full integration with Sleep Stages from the Apple Sleep app, so you have the option to use the Apple Sleep app and view all the information in AutoSleep.

AutoSleep includes all the information and functionality you need for sleep monitoring, including:
Time Asleep – sleep duration and sleep bank balance
Sleep Rating – a consolidated rating score of your sleep
Sleep Rings – fill your sleep rings with quality sleep, including heart rate, deep sleep and REM
Apple Sleep Stages – option to use the data from the Apple Sleep app
Sleep Blood Oxygen – measurements while sleeping
Respiration Rate – track your breathes per minute
Noise – environmental noise measurements
Sleep Analysis – view detailed graphs and breakups on your sleep cycles
Sleep Fuel – measure the quality and efficiency of your sleep
Tonight’s Bedtime – recommends your latest bedtime based on your habits
Readiness – indicates your physical and mental stress
Temperature – track your sleeping wrist temperature
Sleep Consistency – learn about your time to bed behaviours
Lights Off – track the time to fall asleep
Live Sleep Tracking – view your sleep statistics during the night
Smart Alarm – Watch in-built smart alarm to help you wake in lighter sleep 
Widgets – fantastic range of iPhone widgets
Complications – multiple Watch face options 
HomeKit – full integration with Apple HomeKit 
Emojis & Notes – record comments and tags to your sleep session
Explore – deep dive analytics views
Siri – use with Siri voice commands
Shortcuts – create your own shortcuts that you use with AutoSleep
Adjust – a simple function to adjust sleep/wake detection individual to you
History – advanced graphs and trends
Configuration – change the theme and design your clock sleep rings
Setup – customise your sleep goals, setup notifications and reminders
Exports – exporting options to save your data

About AutoSleep
Using Advanced Heuristics AutoSleep works out how long you've slept so you don't have to.

If you DO wear your Watch to bed, you don't need to do a single thing. AutoSleep will track your sleep & quality and send you a notification in the morning.

Even if you don't wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep can track your time in bed. It's extremely simple. If you DON'T wear your Watch to bed, then simply take your Watch off before you go to sleep. As soon as you touch your iPhone or put your Watch back on in the morning then AutoSleep will know that you have finished sleeping. 

As everyone is a little bit different. AutoSleep provides a simple setup wizard and an option to tweak if you are a very restless sleeper. 

AutoSleep also works with HeartWatch our premier heart & activity monitoring app and writes your Sleep information to Apple Health. 

*Requires Apple Watch running WatchOS 4 or higher.

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App all the sudden doesn’t work

All of the sudden the app is no longer showing how much deep sleep you’ve gotten or rem sleep. I don’t understand.

kings2009Thu, Dec 1, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Needs additional features

It’s a great app but there are a few things keeping me from giving 5 stars. I would like to have the option to specify which sleeps are naps and which are the main sleep of the night. And I would like the option to divide a session into multiple sessions (sometimes I sleep and take a nap a few hours later but it just moves my wake up time to like 3pm even though it was 9am, but there’s no way to specify or edit that without erasing the nap.)

Bravi11Thu, Dec 1, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Best app I’ve ever purchased!

Bought this app years ago to track my sleep. Helps me know when I’ve not slept well and when I should focus on my sleep.

Mk848484Thu, Dec 1, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Get to know your sleep

Your sleep is a key component of your health. This app does a lot to help you understand your sleep and track trends and progress.

PROakesThu, Dec 1, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Great App

As a former Fitbit user I was looking for a little more information and after some time I have been liking this app more all the time. Many health issues are related to sleep and a great way to stay on track.

Jr1952MNThu, Dec 1, 2022
United StatesUnited States


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