Zootastic: GK Merge and Build

Zootastic: GK Merge and Build

Free (IAP)
United States


Welcome to our Zootastic, this is an island full of magical stories. You can build this city through part merge, and each merge will reveal new discoveries! Multiple ways of playing, multiple fun, decorate your city as you want! In the exploration map, finding new mergeable items, curing the contaminated dry land, and giving the residents of the animal city a beautiful living environment~

• Merge & Upgrade •
-MERGE ANYTHING! Your divine power will upgrade the same items into better and more powerful items so that you can save the city.
-But the merge is not that simple, it is also a bit strategic! Make reasonable use of the merger skills to awaken more residents of Zootown!

• Exploration & Puzzles •
-Water dry land with precious purified water, discover more fantastical creatures, gather them and see what happens!
-With the exploration of new areas and getting to know more interesting roles in the city, what kind of stories do urban residents hide?
-Extra Global Adventure Plots! When you need more resources, go to explore around the Zootastic World, it will contribute to your city construction!

• Construction & Design •
-Expand the population of residents, increase the prosperity of the city, build warm huts for the residents, when they have enough rest will follow your instructions!
-Through your extraordinary ability to MERGE ANYTHING, constantly upgrade to create unique buildings and decorations, more than 11 different regional merge tiles, with near unlimited customizations, and create your own fantasy island~

• Collection & Management •
-A lot of mysterious creatures are waiting to be discovered, collect and sort them, and win fabulous rewards from the master collector!
-Get to know more residents, persuade them to follow you, manage them, and shape a civilized city!
-Collect beautiful decorations and high-tech buildings, build a prosperous metropolis, and make your city flourish~

This is a perfect merge and build casual game! Only you can't think of it, there is no magical world of merge that it can't do~
Are you ready to build the home of your dreams? The action to save the animal city is urgent!
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Surprise Benefits: play "Zootastic" and have a chance to win Roles Garage Kits, become a true collector!
More information: https://www.facebook.com/Zootastic-GK-merge-and-build-220467483332774


App detail
BUNDLE ID com.apollo.superfusion
RELEASE DATE Fri, May 20, 2022
UPDATE DATE Fri, May 20, 2022
What's new
VERSION 0.0.13
UPDATED 4 months from now
・ Painter and Engineer are coming ・Miss Sika, Police, Chef, Student and Astronaut carried out some self-improvement ■ Task

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