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Virus Dots

Stretch your brains

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Stretch your brains
An exciting turn-based strategy game with PVP mode for those who like to stretch their brains. Fight with your friends in real time or try to outwit the artificial intelligence. If you like to play chess, checkers or go, you'll love Virus dots.

This game is beautiful in all its manifestations: battles in the classic mode not only train logic and attention, but also bring incredible pleasure from the process. The advanced version of the game allows you to use viruses in battle, whose superpowers will help you snatch victory from your opponent even in the most desperate situations.

By the way, Virus dots not only helps to brighten up your leisure time with interest, but also performs an educational function: each of our microorganisms has a living prototype, and the facts that the “Rewards” section introduces players to are based on real events.

The game has two modes:

- The classic version of a turn-based strategy game. The rules are very simple: to win you need to surround as many microbes as possible.

- The extended version adds complexity: in addition to microbes, the player has access to viruses with different abilities. For example, one can breed microbes around him, and the other protects cells from enemy units. Each turn brings points, the number of which depends on the viruses used. The one with the most points wins.

Both modes - classic and advanced - allow you to play both with a random opponent online, in PVP mode, and with someone close to you on the same device. And for practicing, the game is available with artificial intelligence, which adjusts to the level of the player and always keeps you in suspense.

Let's see if you can tame viruses and bacteria, making them work in your favor? Do you want to feel like a real scientist? Then go for it!

- Varied gameplay
- Unique levels with added obstacles
- Ability to play against real players as well as against AI
- Achievements featuring interesting facts about bacteria and viruses
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Wed, Dec 27, 2023
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Mon, May 6, 2024
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